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Snap Inc announces new AR Tools & Camera features at its Annual Partner Summit

Alongside new features, Snap claimed that Snapchat now reaches over 600 million monthly and more than 332 million daily active users around the world

Camera company, Snap Inc announced at its annual Snap Partner Summit an array of new features across its platform and demonstrated how the AR experiences it has built alongside its partners seamlessly weave into the consumer’s daily lives, improving the way they live, learn, communicate, and even shop.

Alongside new features, Snap claimed that Snapchat now reaches over 600 million monthly and more than 332 million daily active users around the world.

Snap also now works with over half a million partners, creators, and developers to provide its community with innovative products and services. Over the past year, Snapchatters have shared content from partners' apps, like songs from Spotify or tweets from Twitter, over 6 billion times on Snapchat, as per it.

Camera News

Snap’s AR community is building real businesses using Snap’s technology. These developers represent almost every country in the world and have built over 2.5 million lenses that have been viewed over 5 trillion times. To help support further AR innovation, Snap today introduced features including Lens Cloud.

Lens Cloud is a freely available collection of backend services that vastly expands what developers can build in AR. Storage services, location services, and multi-user services will unlock more dynamic, useful, and interactive AR.

Features include:

Storage services: this makes it possible to build complex and interactive Lenses by storing assets in Snap’s cloud, and call on them, on-demand. And, storage is persistent, so Snapchatters can pick up on sessions where they left off last time

Location services: allows developers to anchor their lenses into custom locations around the world. Or, they can use Snap’s city templates. The first city is London, and is available right now in Lens Studio.

Multi-User Services: shared AR across multiple users is possible within the same Lens

Apart from these, soon the Lens Studio will feature Ray Tracing, making AR elements look even more true to life. With Ray Tracing, it will be possible for reflections to shine from AR objects in a way that's true to life.


AR Shopping News

Since January of last year, more than 250 million Snapchatters have engaged with AR shopping Lenses more than 5 billion times.  

Snapchatters love using AR for try-on. Zenni Optical’s AR Lenses have been tried on over 60 million times by Snapchatters. Lenses that used true-size technology drove a 42% higher return on ad spend compared to Lenses without. This week Snap is introducing several new technologies to advance the way brands can bring products to their customers through AR:

Snap 3D Asset Manager: it makes it faster and easier for businesses to build augmented reality shopping experiences. Brands can now request, manage, and optimise 3D models for any product in their catalogue. Now, Shopping Lenses can be created in seconds, and at no additional cost. This will increase conversions and reduce returns – brands can create highly converting try-on experiences while ensuring minimal returns thanks to Snap’s size prediction technology

Introducing a new kind of shopping Lens for trying on outfits without ever having to change clothes, powered by their AR Image Processing Technology

Dress Up: a new destination on Snapchat that brings together the best of AR fashion and try-on from creators, retailers, and fashion brands all in one place. Available in Lens Explorer, or soon just one tap away from the Snap Camera in AR Bar, Dress Up invites people to browse, discover, and share new looks from around the world.

Camera Kit for AR Shopping: Snap’s offering its commerce partners a new opportunity to bring the best of Snap’s camera for AR try-on right to their own apps and sites with Camera Kit for AR Shopping. Camera Kit for AR Shopping is an AR SDK that brings Snap’s try-on Lenses into retailers and brands’ product detail pages to enhance the digital shopping experience for their customers.

Along with this, Snap also announced a multi-year partnership with Live Nation that will elevate performances beyond stages - creating a deeper connection between artists and fans - through custom-built, immersive AR – only available on Snapchat.

From Lollapalooza in Chicago and Wireless Festival in London, to Rolling Loud in Miami and The Governors Ball in New York, festivals will be transformed through Snap AR, starting with Electric Daisy Carnival in May.

Developer News

Snap has also announced a new feature for developers to add social experiences to Minis. 

Snap introduced Minis in 2020, offering partners a way to use its html5 gaming platform to build bite-sized social experiences within Snapchat. Today, there are more than 20 Minis from partners including Ticketmaster, HBO Max, Poshmark, Headspace and more that help the community do everything from shopping with friends to registering to vote.

Introducing Minis Private Components System: Developers can add social elements to their experiences such as ratings, reviews, recommendations and more while protecting Snapchatter privacy.

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