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Samsung Ads India enhances first-party data capabilities with ACR enablement

With this, Samsung Ads India now joins other markets that are ACR-enabled, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia

Samsung Ads, the advertising division of Samsung Electronics, has announced that its proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology is now enabled in India.

With this, Samsung Ads India now joins other markets that are ACR-enabled, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia.

ACR data will provide direct insights for Indian advertisers and publishers into viewership trends, harnessing the insights from Samsung Smart TVs in India. 

Samsung Ads’ proprietary ACR technology enables glass-level content recognition, producing highly accurate, privacy compliant, content viewership insights from linear TV, and set-top boxes. This data is now available through the Samsung Ads DSP in India.

Advertisers and content publishers can therefore get a better understanding of what audiences are watching on ACR-enabled Samsung Smart TVs in India, as well as driving campaign impact via addressable targeting.

By understanding campaign reach across linear TV using ACR, advertisers can identify those audiences not reached in linear environments and create campaigns to gain incremental reach among those audiences who spend time in streaming environments. They can also manage the reach and frequency of their campaigns across Samsung connected TVs.

When leveraged by publishers, ACR data also can help deliver ‘smart’ recommendations to Samsung Smart TV users, by suggesting new and relevant content to audiences based on past viewership behaviour. Publishers are empowered by ACR data because it provides them with valuable information on how household users are engaging with their content.

Furthermore, content partners can leverage ACR insights to deliver relevant and helpful sponsored content recommendations tailored to the viewer’s interests.

ACR data is collected from Samsung Smart TVs at the device level, not on an individual level, and on an opt-in basis. A user has the ability to opt-out of receiving more relevant interest-based advertising at any time via the privacy choices app or via their device settings.

Prabhvir Sahmey, Senior Director, India and Southeast Asia at Samsung Ads said, “Samsung Ads’ proprietary ACR technology is unique to our business and invaluable to the industry as a way of both understanding viewership trends, and driving incremental reach on linear TV campaigns. We’re really excited to roll this out to-market so advertisers can gain granular insights on viewership. What’s more, because Samsung Ads’ data does not rely on third-party cookies, our first-party data is a good option for advertisers looking into new ways of brand safe and privacy-compliant ways of targeting.”

“Understanding the ecosystem can be daunting without a map or guide because TV consumption is constantly changing and media planners need a truly multi-channel media plan for advertisers to reach today’s consumers who have fragmented viewership patterns. Advertisers need partners who can solve this challenge for them – one that can identify those viewership trends, provide insights on how they are evolving and ultimately connect advertisers with these audiences as they switch between Linear and OTT and vice versa.”

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