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Pristyn Care launches new multi-media campaign featuring actors Anup Soni, Prakash Raj

The company has launched the brand campaign in its association with Disney+ Hotstar for this year’s IPL season

Pristyn Care, a healthcare start-up, has launched its multi-media brand campaign #Jabsurgeryhokarwana, Pristyn Carepeaana, which promises to bring convenience and hassle-free experience of advanced laser surgeries to the patients suffering from diseases such as piles, kidney stones and cataract.

The company has launched the brand campaign in its association with Disney+ Hotstar for this year’s IPL season.

The campaign will be seen in multiple mediums - radio, cinema, owned digital and social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Pristyn Care has released six films featuring television actor Anup Soni and the big screen actor - Prakash Raj, which talks about the pain of patients suffering from the aforementioned diseases.

The campaign highlights the company's mission to provide secondary care surgeries with the help of advanced laser technology, promising faster recovery with minimum discomfort and inconvenience at the right cost. The campaign has been released in 11 languages and is aimed to run throughout the entire IPL 2022 season.

The digital films - #Kidney stone becoming a villain?, #Piles ne kiya run-out, #Cataract ne kiya attack has catchy rap talking about the pain points of these diseases and why patients delay the surgery. Lack of resources, right surgeons or delayed recovery are the most common excuses.

On the other hand, Pristyn Care said it offers advanced laser surgeries, no-cost EMI, minimum cut, better recovery and end-to-end convenience with the help of its dedicated care coordinators, which is at the core of the messaging for the ongoing brand campaign.

Gagan Arora, Head of Brand and Marketing, Pristyn Care, said, "Pristyn Care truly believes that everyone deserves high quality standardised medical care with the help of advanced medical technology at affordable cost. We are working hard to bridge the healthcare delivery gap between metro and non-metro cities. Those suffering from diseases such as piles, kidney stones, cataracts which are common in our country, it can be more painful than the disease itself to find the right surgeon, hospital, and manage post-operative care. There's Pristyn Care for that. We provide end-to-end care for all elective surgeries throughout the surgery journey of the patient. Through this campaign, we want to inform the curious, time-poor, value-seeking individuals that we conduct short-stay minimally invasive surgeries with a 'Pristyn' standard of care. Since the campaign's launch, we're seeing significant upward movement in the brand searches and patient inquiries."

The concept of the brand campaign and script of the films have been developed and written by Web Chutney. Mindshare has been assigned with the media duties, and distribution across social and digital channels is being done by Pristyn Care's in-house brand and marketing team.

Pristyn Care currently has a network of more than 800 hospitals across 42 cities. The campaign aims to raise awareness about such facilities that are available across the country.

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