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Majority of shoppers in India click on ads while using internet & buy products seen in online ads: Criteo

Criteo's 2022 India Shopper Story Report highlights new buying patterns and advertising preferences of Indian consumers

A majority of shoppers in India confirm they click on ads while using the internet and buy products they see in online ads, as per Criteo’s 2022 India Shopper Story Report.

The report goes on to add that more than 90% of shoppers claim that online ads they see are for products they want to buy, and the majority of both female and male shoppers confirm that they buy the products recommended to them in ads. This demonstrates that customers recognise the value of addressability in advertising. 

Source: Criteo Shopper Story, India, January 2022

Criteo, the global technology company providing Commerce Media Platform, has announced its 2022 India Shopper Story Report that unveiled insights around shoppers’ buying trends and preferences in India.

The report reveals Indian shoppers are following the hybrid path to purchase and increasingly starting their shopping journeys on the open internet, overall, 45% of Indians surveyed browse products online but buy them at a store, whereas 44% purchase online after selecting products at a retail store. 

As per it, a majority (52%) of Indians also confirmed purchasing products online via retail/brand shopping apps. Concurrently, shoppers also continue to visit physical stores to speak with knowledgeable salespeople and discover more unique merchandise.

Another key insight is that the urgency and the need to try products before buying is the main driver for shoppers to visit physical stores. 

Source: Criteo Shopper Story, India, January 2022

The report further says that as Indian shoppers are becoming more inclined towards online shopping, their purchase decisions are more influenced by the retailer/brands’ website specially in researching and discovering products.

According to Criteo’s findings, 58% of Indian shoppers answered that the retail and brand websites have become more influential in their purchasing decisions over the past two years.

Source: Criteo Shopper Story, India, January 2022

Improved search capabilities and user experiences are contributing to increased value for customers. One-third of shoppers report significant improvements in product search and discovering what they're looking for on retailer/brand websites. This has also led 9 out of 10 shoppers to confirm that they have recommended a company to someone based on a good experience they had.

Furthermore, Indian shoppers are browsing more on different internet devices throughout the week and the growth of the open internet creates additional opportunities for them to discover, explore and purchase things online.

It adds that with evolving addressability impacts, it is recommended for marketers to continue focusing on amassing as much first-party data as possible, and simultaneously develop a strong commerce media strategy on the open internet that can cover multiple channels in the consumer journey.

Additionally, it is important to be seen where Indian shoppers are the most engaged today. According to the eMarketer, India’s video viewing is forecasted to reach 512 million viewers by 2025. Keeping the unified audience strategy in mind, marketers need to add both out-stream and in-stream ad formats as part of their strategies in order to reach their target audience holistically and ensure consistency across creatives, messaging and targeting to deliver impactful business results.

For the full report, please visit:

As per the Criteo, survey respondents are 1010 consumers in India who use the internet at least once every month. The survey was conducted in January 2022.

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