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Infectious Advertising churns out new campaign for Pittie Group’s cleaning brand ‘ChakaaChak’

The TVC for the ‘ChakaaChak’ brand showcases the endearing spin mop mascot, which is shown in a series of engaging home cleaning scenarios

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Infectious Advertising has created and conceptualised the latest campaign for Pittie Group’s cleaning brand ChakaaChak. The new campaign features three films, demonstrating the ease of cleaning with a healthy dose of wit and fun.

During the lockdown, every member of every family has at some point taken charge of cleaning their homes. As a result, the cleaning tools category has become relevant to all.

The TVC for the ‘ChakaaChak’ brand showcases the endearing spin mop mascot, which is shown in a series of engaging home cleaning scenarios. Keeping gender neutrality in mind, the stories portray men doing the house cleaning to create a well-balanced perception in the masses.

The three new TVCs, in Hindi, will be aired on TV channels and digital platforms as part of ChakaaChak’s larger marketing campaign.

Ramanuj Shastry, Co-Founder and Director, Infectious Advertising, said, “These are exciting times to be a household cleaning brand as the demand for smarter, more efficient cleaning solutions grows exponentially. Super kicked to help develop a campaign for ChakaaChak. It takes a brave client to buy fun films and a brilliant director like Niranjan Kaushik to push them to the next level. Delighted.

Aditya Pittie, Managing Director, Pittie Group, said, “With the TVCs, we are envisioning to take a giant step in maximising our brand presence and capturing a large market share in the ever-growing cleaning utility market. From revamping Chakaachak’s brand presence to unveiling TVCs, we are on the verge of creating a strong foothold in terms of brand loyalty, distribution and Pan India presence.”

He added, “Pittie Consumers’ aim has always been to provide efficient and ever-evolving products at affordable prices. What sets ChakaaChak apart from the competition is its diverse portfolio of superior cleaning products.” 


Client: Pittie Group

Managing Director: Aditya Pittie

Agency: Infectious Advertising

Co-Founders: Nisha Singhania and Ramanuj Shastry

Creative Team: Ramanuj Shastry, Chirag Raheja, Imran Khan, Parth Walse Patil

Account Management: Nisha Singhania, Sujay Bhosle, Umesh Mandve

Production House: Finger Print Films

Director: Niranjan Kaushik

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