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HT Health Shots X SheThePeople join forces for sexual health awareness campaign #RightToPleasure

Launching on April 25, #RightToPleasure is aimed as a step towards closing the gap in the awareness around women's sexual health and pleasure

#RightToPleasure, a campaign by Health Shots, a digital health and wellness platform by HT Media for millenial women, in partnership with SheThePeople's sexual health initiative @GirlTalkIndia aims to push the narrative of pleasure having no gender and it being a basic human right.

Launching on April 25, #RightToPleasure is aimed as a step towards closing the gap in the awareness around women's sexual health and pleasure.

The platform said, tt is because of years of conditioning and lack of awareness that women are made to feel a sense of self-doubt or insecurity if they ask their partner for the
things they really want in bed. Societal shaming and repression around female sexuality are other factors that made discussions around women's sexual pleasure a behind-the-doors activity. But over the past few years, the conversations have opened up. No longer are a woman's sexual needs brushed under the sheets.

#RightToPleasure will feature digital content and educational interactions with gynaecologist Dr Anjali Kumar aka @maitriwoman and sexual health educator Zoya Ali, who is popular by the Instagram page Uteropedia along with @hthealthshots and @GirlTalkIndia.

From menstrual health and masturbation to foreplay, period sex and orgasms - the discussions and digital content will touch upon all things about women's sexual health needs and desires.

Shipra Yadav, Business Head at HT Health Shots, said, "Women deserve an equal world - whether outside or inside the bedroom. Patriarchal societies have, for years, encouraged the ignorance towards a woman's need for pleasure even when sex is meant to be a shared experience between a woman and her partner.”

Shaili Chopra, Founder of SheThePeople and GirlTalkIndia said, "In India, we often discuss women's rights as an idea divorced from their bodies. But women having agency over their bodies - one of the most fundamental rights they deserve - is entirely absent.”

Yadav added, “The core of #RightToPleasure is to understand women’s needs when it comes to sexual pleasure, normalising conversations around it and breaking the taboo around talking about the universal orgasm gap. We are happy to partner with Girl Talk India for this campaign."

"We need a healthy ecosystem that doesn't judge women for the choices they make and by having free conversations about sexuality, pleasure and gynaecological health. The partnership between Girl Talk and Health Shots is aimed at this," Chopra added.

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