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Flipkart marks debut in healthcare sector with new Flipkart Health+ App

The app aims to improve access to a wide range of quality and affordable medicines and healthcare products to Indian customers across over 20,000 pin codes

Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Executive Officer, Flipkart Health+

Flipkart Health+, the digital healthcare marketplace platform of Flipkart Group, has announced the launch of the Flipkart Health+ app, a tech-platform which enables access to medicines and healthcare products and services for customers across the country.

As per the Flipkart Group, the app has been launched with the aim to serve customers across 20,000 pin codes in India, Flipkart Health+ will enable easy and convenient access to quality and affordable medicines and healthcare products, from independent sellers, through the Flipkart Health+ app.

Flipkart Health+ would benefit from the expertise and experience of the Flipkart Group’s reach and last-mile supply chain capabilities, coupled with's robust healthcare network across the country, as per the company.

Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Executive Officer, Flipkart Health+, said, “Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Indians have witnessed a tremendous shift in favouring wellness and preventative healthcare and there is an increased focus on health and wellness, like never before. Through Flipkart Health+, we aim to solve the critical gap of accessibility to genuine medicines and healthcare products and services across the country, especially in the remotest parts of the country that have been underserved until now. We want to leverage technology in a way that strengthens the healthcare ecosystem and enables it to serve customers better by making accessibility to healthcare simpler even for those residing in distant areas of the country and contributing towards a healthier India.”

The company said Flipkart Health+ app has been designed and developed with a user-friendly interface that will appeal to customers, irrespective of their technological adeptness.

To begin with, the Flipkart Health+ platform will have around 500+ independent sellers who have a network of registered pharmacists for validation of medical prescriptions and accurate dispensation of medicines. Even though it is an intermediary marketplace platform, Flipkart Health+ has put in place various quality checks and verification protocols, which will facilitate delivery of genuine medicines and healthcare products from independent sellers to the customer’s doorstep. 

In the coming months, Flipkart Health+ plans to onboard third-party healthcare service providers who will offer other value-added healthcare services like teleconsultation and e-diagnostics to the customers.

Initially available on the Android Play Store, it will be made available on iOS in future, the Flipkart Health+ app can be accessed on low bandwidth as well, making it accessible to customers across the country.

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