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Uber celebrates the indomitable spirit of resilient Indians in its ‘Bas Socho aur Chal Pado’ campaign

The campaign reimagines everyday travel to drive awareness about affordable hailable categories, Auto and Moto

Uber has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Bas Socho Aur Chal Pado’ to drive awareness about its affordable hailable categories, Uber Auto and Uber Moto,

The campaign celebrates the indomitable spirit of everyday Indians who are resilient aspirers, passionately chasing their dreams, regardless of the odds. The campaign is inspired by real life stories of unstoppable Indians who have the courage to break the status quo and pursue their aspirations.

Often challenges of everyday commute limit the true potential and aspirations of Indian youth. However, as a company committed to unlocking opportunities, Uber aims to empower these resilient aspirers with superior, accessible, yet affordable mobility options that will enable them to chase their dreams and aspirations.

As per the company, its auto and moto business has already recovered more than 180% and 140% higher than the numbers in pre-Covid times, respectively. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and a few others have witnessed business recovery of auto and moto categories, ranging from 1.5X to 3.5X. 

It added that since launch, Uber’s low-cost mobility solutions have seen exponential growth across tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities. While Uber Moto is available across 49 cities, Uber Auto is available across 52 cities.

Ameya Velankar, Head of Marketing, Uber India South Asia, said, “At Uber, we are constantly reimagining the way we move people for the better. Hailables are a big part of our expansion and growth strategy and within a short span of time, these categories have emerged as the preferred choices of our consumers. Through our affordable hailables product portfolio, Auto and Moto, we aim to make our platform accessible to millions of resilient aspirers in India who are constantly striving to fulfil their ambitions and make life better for their loved ones. Our new campaign celebrates the indomitable spirit of these resilient aspirers by bringing forth their real stories, and how we plan to partner with them in their everyday journey.”

Surjo Dutt, CCO, FCB India, said, “Uber and FCB dreamt a dream together! This campaign was culled out of hundreds of consumer conversations, socio-cultural insights and real-life stories, done in TVC and short digital formats with all the entertainment, engagement and duration discipline the formats demand. After a monumental team effort, the output has been even better than what we could have imagined. The ‘go get it’ platform that is so elemental in our Uber Auto and Moto strategy, has come to life in these beautiful, well produced and simple stories. With the customer squarely at the heart of every story and Uber as their mobility partner, the campaign is truthful, simple and engaging. I am hopeful and confident that this will add another shiny layer to this magically human brand called Uber.”

The first film, Runaway Bride brings to life the real story of a woman who had to write an important exam on the same day as her wedding. It highlights her will and determination, and positions Uber Moto as a quicker way to reach her destination.  

The second film, Cafe Delite  is the story of a speech and hearing impaired young man who overcomes various obstacles to land a job as Cafe Manager. It shows how an Uber Auto ride provides a haggling and hassle-free experience to millions of Indians, daily.

The third film, Return to Work is about a young mother and a Government official who does not let motherhood come in the way of her career goals and responsibilities. It shines the light on Uber Auto as a safer way to commute, and celebrates the indomitable spirit of millions of women who are straddling both family and professional responsibilities effortlessly.

The fourth film Blood Donation showcases a determined and responsible young man who finds a way to donate blood to a friend’s father in need, while in line for a prestigious job interview. It highlights Uber Moto's core proposition of moving effortlessly through traffic. 

These four campaign films are adapted in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu languages. It's set to go live on Thursday, across various owned, paid, social, influencer, and digital channels, as well as TV, Cinema, OOH and OTT. 

The creative development of the campaign has been led by FCB India, the social amplification strategy and execution by Dentsu WebChutney, and MediaComm is supporting the media planning and buying.

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