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Popular Hindi stories from Delhi Press’ women’s magazines available on Audible for free

These stories, under the “family dramas and romance” genres are from some of Delhi Press’ women’s magazines, such as ‘Grihshobha’, ‘Sarita’, and ‘Saras Salil’

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Audible, an Amazon company and a provider of spoken-word entertainment, and Delhi Press, an Indian magazine publishing house, have announced the release of over 60 popular Hindi stories, from the publishing house’s women’s magazines ‘Grihshobha’, ‘Sarita’, and ‘Saras Salil’ in audio format exclusively on Audible, absolutely free.

The stories are in the genre of dramatic family sagas and romantic love stories, they are interesting and easy to listen to. As per the publishing house they are perfect for their busy listeners, who are interested in turning their “down time” into “found time” i.e., consuming content while multitasking.

Some popular stories from theFamily Drama genre include:

मैंसिर्फबार्बीडौलनहींहूं (From Grihshobha): A tale of support and self-confidence, the story revolves around Maneesh and Pari's relationship when she was first diagnosed with PCOS.

तालमेल (From Grihshobha): A modern-day family drama, the story highlights the struggles of old parents and their relationship with their kids.

वसीयत (From Grihshobha): A family drama revolving around the untimely death of husband, Vasiyat will keep you hooked till the very end. 

Some popular stories from the Romance and Relationshipsgenre include:

हरिनूर (From SarasSalil): A love story with communal divide at the core, Harinoor (the son of Shabeena and Neeraj) is proof that love always wins!

प्रेमकबूतर (From Sarita): Love, loss and twists, listen to this story to know if Akhil really loved Putul.

अंतर्दाह (From Grihshobha): A twisted love story where Alka decides to move on with her life for everyone’s good.

Shailesh Sawlani, VP and Country GM, Audible India, said, "This International Women’s Day, we are bringing some already popular Hindi stories, from some of India’s most renowned Hindi magazines to life via audio. I hope all listeners enjoy the heightened listening experience these stories offer, and the convenience it offers to those multitasking throughout the day. With such initiatives now and in the future, we want to continue to bring unique, diverse content to our listeners across the country."

Anant Nath, Executive Publisher of Delhi Press, said, “Our magazines are loved and admired by millions of readers, especially women, for their heart-warming and relatable stories that resonate with the myriad of emotional hues they live through in their daily lives. This Women’s Day, we are extremely pleased to bring a selection of these stories in audio format on Audible, to a wider audience”.

Audible will continue to release popular Hindi stories from Delhi Press’ women’s magazines in audio format from a variety of genres throughout 2022 for listeners to enjoy.

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