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MiQ partners with Samsung Ads to enable advertisers to reach Samsung Connected TV households

Through this partnership, brands and advertisers would have access to CTV inventory, as well as access to targeted audiences across Samsung TVs

MiQ, the programmatic partner for brands and agencies, has announced its partnership with the Samsung Ads DSP (demand-side platform) to bolster the reach of its solutions and video campaigns across Samsung's current device ecosystem. 

Through this partnership, brands and advertisers would have access to CTV inventory, as well as access to targeted audiences across Samsung TVs. The partnership is likely to help brands and marketers to increase their brand salience.

By partnering with Samsung Ads’ DSP, advertisers working with MiQ can target audiences against more data-driven insights through online programmatic channels. 

The partnership comes at a time when digital media prepares to move away from cookie-based targeting. Advertisers using digital media will have to make serious changes to their targeting strategies. 

As per MiQ with its solutions, managing the reach and the right frequency range can be done seamlessly. Samsung can maximise its reach for a given target audience. This partnership allows MiQ to deterministically reach interest-based audiences as well as Premium video inventory on Samsung TV Plus. Advertisers can understand and manage the campaign reach and frequency across linear TV and connected TV (CTV).

Siddharth Dabhade – MD, MiQ says, “We are thrilled to partner with Samsung to be a trusted partner in helping advertisers to buy smarter, focussed, impactful solutions, enabling a superior return on their investment. We are constantly building innovative solutions to empower our clients with accurate data sets and intelligence. The opportunity to partner with Samsung Ads across its TV platforms provides us with an extraordinarily unique position in the market as we now have the ability to analyse the impact of current TV campaigns. We are confident of forging more such partnerships to help organisations extract optimum benefits from their advertising spend.”

Prabhvir Sahmey – Senior Director, India and South East Asia, Samsung DSP, added, “We look forward to working closely with MiQ, a company known to combine industry knowledge with excellent technology and analytics solutions. Global brands can now have widespread reach across device platforms. It is now for the first time that along with MIQ; we are able to bring deep TV insights programmatically via the Samsung DSP.”

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