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Indian women smartphone users spending more time on education & finance apps: Bobble AI report

As per the report, with increasing awareness and ease of access to financial and education services online, women's engagement with such apps is much higher than e-commerce and fashion

The Indian e-commerce industry witnessed an uptick in women smartphone users since the beginning of 2022 but interestingly when it comes to spending more time online, Indian women are keener on using education and finance applications which are supposed to be the male-dominant space, as per a report by Bobble AI.

Bobble AI, the conversation media platform, has come up with a market intelligence data report focusing on women users (Gender Declared Data) for six key sectors, e-commerce, Beauty, Fashion e-commerce, Health and Fitness, Finance, and Education, in India.

The report is based on its over 50 million smartphone users in 640+ Indian cities, as per the platform the data processed in a privacy-compliant manner.  

Ecommerce recorded a 66.28% market share and almost 71% active users share when compared to other categories analysed. The data also revealed an exponential increase in the average time spent by the users on finance and education apps on a monthly basis. In February 2022, users spent an average of almost two hours per month on finance apps, and more than an hour per month on education apps even though their market share is considerably less when compared to other categories.

At the same time, ‘average time spent’ on other categories was 42 minutes for e-commerce, 19 minutes for Beauty, 25 minutes for fashion e-commerce and 20 minutes for Health and Fitness.

As per the report, when comparing the market share distribution of the two biggest e-commerce players for new female users acquired in Feb 2022, Bobble AI noticed that Flipkart zoomed past Amazon by acquiring 65.6% of the new female users over February while Amazon acquired 34.4%.

Vivo was the most searched keyword by women on Flipkart. Other prominent keywords searched were Lipstick, Mascara, Loreal, Lakme and Serum in the Beauty category and Tops, Kurti, Heels, Jeans and Party wear in the fashion e-commerce category.

The report further mentions that female smartphone users (Bobble keyboard users) are largely engaging in the finance and education sectors more than ever before, owing to their interest in investments and for making better informed decisions. It adds that higher engagement in the education sector can also be due to an increase in online classes/sessions. Apart from smartphones in the top searches, the report observes an increasing trend in searches for gadgets like smartwatches, earphones, earbuds, followed by apparel. These data points enable ecommerce businesses to mindfully build strategic communication using conversational marketing. 

Tabrez Alam, Chief Data and Strategy Officer - Data Strategies, Bobble AI, said, "It’s truly delightful to see more women engaging in finance and education applications; this reflects the ground level change in Indian society where women are not just aware of their personality and lifestyle choices but they are equally concerned about their education, career, growth, financial planning and economic freedom. This report also brings out an amazing insight and incredible actionable data on rapidly changing women smartphone users' consumer behaviour that is highly relevant and critical for brands targeting women to ensure its success. Thus, through Bobble AI, we are on a quest to offer data-backed analysis to brands and individuals so that they may comprehend general trends and experience agility in building equity and recognition among their relevant target audiences.”

According to the findings of Bobble AI, the financial and education sectors are increasing women's access to credit and investment prospects and promoting empowerment and equity. Hence, these sectors are expected to thrive in the coming years.

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