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Doritos’ ‘Bold Choice’ filter enables users to choose the ending for its latest TVC

Kartik Aaryan, brand ambassador Doritos and Bollywood actor launched the unique filter and challenged cricket icons Ravindra Jadeja and Chris Gayle to make their ‘bold’ choice and also urged fans to try it out

Doritos, the Nacho chip brand, has launched a first-of-its-kind Instagram filter, ‘Doritos BoldChoice’, that lets the audience watch the latest Doritos TVC, record their reaction, and choose their ‘bold’ ending. The innovative filter was launched by brand ambassador and actor Kartik Aaryan, who challenged cricket icons Ravindra Jadeja and Chris Gayle to make their ‘bold’ choice along with his fans and followers.

The ‘Doritos BoldChoice’ filter is based on the insight that Gen Z audiences are increasingly relying on their smartphones for entertainment, primarily for watching videos. Taking note, Doritos’ filter is designed to intensify digital engagement with Gen Zs on smaller screens and elevate the stickiness of the content by sharing it in a disruptive format.

In the latest TVC, Aaryan plays the role of a college cricketer, alongside model-actor Sanjana Sanghi; with whom Aaryan is sharing his mobile number. While doing so, the opponent team’s bowler interrupts their exchange, mocking Aaryan for being ‘all talk and no game’. The actor tells Sanghi to take the rest of his phone number from the scoreboard, and proceeds to hit the bowler for fours and sixes in the first five balls. Here is where the ‘Doritos BoldChoice’ filter adds an innovative twist, giving consumers the power to decide whether Kartik should lead with his head or his heart, for the last ball of the over.

By a simple head-tilt to the left or the right, users can either ‘Play It Smart’, wherein Kartik leaves the sixth ball on purpose, much to the surprise of the bowler, who later realises that the smart batsman has ‘boldly’ shared his number with the girl. Or they can ‘Follow The Heart’, wherein Kartik lets the ball hit the stumps on the last ball, sending the bowler into a tailspin. Even as the bowler is rejoicing his short-lived victory, he realises that he has been played and that Kartik has shared his number with the girl.

Ankit Agarwal, Associate Director, Brand Marketing – PepsiCo India, said, “We believe that bold people like to make their own choice. We applied that insight to our latest campaign, where, with the BoldChoice filter, we harnessed the power of augmented reality and social media to enable consumers to choose how our latest TVC unfolds. We believe that the confluence of interactivity and content discovery through this unique and first-of-its-kind filter will keep consumers engaged and bring alive Doritos’ proposition of Bold Self Expression.”

“From a ‘crunch-tastic’ TVC to a powerful ‘BoldLine’ and now a unique ‘BoldChoice’ filter, the ‘For The Bold’ campaign keeps getting bigger and bolder! I’m thrilled to launch this first-of-its-kind filter with a brand like Doritos that is always empowering people to be bold,” Aaryan said.

Keeping with the flavour of cricket, the actor challenged two cricket icons Ravindra Jadeja and Chris Gayle to join the filter frenzy. Both of the cricketers could be seen having an amazing time with the filter and much to the delight of their fans, have showed some of their trademark moves on the filter. True to his all-rounder capabilities, Jadeja took on the challenge and chose to play it smart, like he always does on the field. On the other hand, widely regarded as one of the most destructive batsmen, Gayle chose to follow his heart in his own unique way, for this unconventional Instagram filter challenge.

Jadeja, said, “The Doritos BoldChoice Insta filter was an irresistible challenge. It resonated with me deeply as a cricketer. I am always sweating it out on the field - constantly making the choice to play it smart or play with my heart. Making ‘bold choices’ is a cricketer’s way of life and I am excited to be a part of this ‘bold’ engagement.”

Doritos is also engaging with over 3,000 influencers to make their ‘bold’ choice amongst different endings and showcase how the TVC follows their command, to their followers and brand fans.

Those interested in trying the filter can head over to Aaryan’s Instagram page and use the filter from his reel.

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