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Zirca’s latest whitepaper throws light on relevance of ‘mindset-based communication for Facebook campaigns’

The ‘Drive superior campaign performance on Facebook’ whitepaper highlights how mindset-based communication improves the ROI of Facebook campaigns

Zirca Digital Solutions’ whitepaper, ‘Drive superior campaign performance on Facebook’ examines how to measure the delta of performance metrics when standard communications are compared to mindset-based communications.

This whitepaper is the latest addition to the “Ungeek” series which is an effort to collate business and consumer insights. It is translated into actionable intelligence for the digital and marketing fraternity.

The ConsumeriQ, a Zirca product which is a media planning tool based on users’ mindsets, helped drive a test. The ConsumeriQ Archetype Indicator Test aided the consumers to know about their archetypes.

The campaign was conceptualised in two phases wherein first we arrive at mindsets and after analysing and optimising the archetypes, different communication strategies are curated.

For the study, a scientific process was carried out to determine the success of the Facebook campaigns which used insights as a catalyst to make the creatives. The campaigns helped in understanding the archetypes, benchmark performance data, and the best performing creatives in each language.

“Every archetype can be further classified as Thinkers (12%) , Mavericks (15%), and Realists (15%). They help conversations with the audience become more relevant. The campaigns saw a reduction in cost per lead, cost per visit, and an increase in click-through rates,” as per Zirca.

As per the whitepaper, brands across different industries are great examples of how archetype-based campaigns have enhanced their performances.

For example, Nissan wished to leverage the consumer intent to purchase their car. They saw 29% higher leads, along with 22% lower cost per lead than the target within a few days of the campaign.

In another example, Max life Insurance reached out to their users to put across the brands’ performance-oriented objective and saw a rise of 816% in their engagement rate and 151% in conversion rates. There was also a fall of 78% in the cost per lead.

The strategy also helped create a link between the offline and online audience segments of HDFC Life. This resulted in a jump of 12x in website visits, 1.8% CTR where industry standards are 0.5% and CTR of 2.5% of infographic-led story.          

As per the whitepaper, these archetype-based campaigns help gain superior results which ensure to deliver the message to the right audience at the right time.

Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions, said, “At Zirca, we believe in the power of knowledge, research and insights-driven decisions. This whitepaper will bring out the importance of mindset-based communications for a fast-paced platform like Facebook. Zirca works to assist the users at every step of the way to ensure the right message is delivered to the correct target audience and in the most efficient manner. We have consciously curated this paper to highlight how mindsets overrule the point of demographics determining behaviour.”

The white paper can be downloaded from:

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