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Zee5 Intelligence Monitor’s report sheds light on the fad of online gaming in India

The Zee5 Intelligence Monitor Online gaming report brings to light that 50% of the respondents registered an increase in their online gaming consumption post-pandemic

59% of respondents in a survey conducted by Zee5 agreed to playing online games. As per it, 57% of the female and 60% male audiences indicated that they play online games.

As per the report, the key factor at play here is the democratisation of affordable smartphones and internet data along with the emergence of digital payments. It was also found that about 58% of the users have more than three games on their phones.

The survey was conducted for the online gaming trends report released as a part of the Zee5 Intelligence Monitor.

The Zee5 Intelligence Monitor is a knowledge series launched by Zee5 to decrypt the latest insights and trends across several high-growth sectors, spanning consumption patterns, consumer preferences, market sentiments and future plans, decoding the market dynamics for the consumers and advertisers.

Some of the other key highlights from the report are:

50% of the respondents registered an increase in their online gaming consumption post-pandemic: Owing to the pandemic induced lockdown, 53% of consumers played online games at least five times a week, with 3 out of 4 respondents spending at least one-and-a-half hour every day.

72% of male users prefer fantasy sports and multiplayer/first person shooter games, 46% female prefer casual gaming: As per the Zee5 survey, audiences’ preference is evenly split between casual, fantasy and multiplayer games. However, from a gender perspective, male audiences prefer fantasy sports and multiplayer games (Dream11, Call of Duty, PUBG), while female users prefer casual games (Candy Crush, Temple Run, Ludo).

TV and OTT platforms influence the consumption of online gaming: It was found out that one out of two gamers are likely to try a new game after watching an advertisement.

Two out of five respondents are likely to make in-app purchases: The gradual shift towards freemium and hybrid monetisation models are being woven into the gaming narrative today. According to the survey, two out five gamers are likely to make an in-app purchase to either progress in a game or for an ad-free gaming experience.

Non-metros emerging as a hotbed for online gaming with 63% of non-metro users playing games at least 5 times a week: As per the findings of the Zee5 survey, with respect to non-metro cities, 39% of the respondents played for more than an hour, and 40% of the users are likely to make in-app purchases. In terms of genre, 39% of the users showed a preference towards fantasy sports games.

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