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Times Internet’s Prrincey Roy launches ‘Huella Services’

Her focus at Huella Services will be digital ad sales and revenue boost for her partners

Prrincey Roy has recently announced her own start-up Huella Services. Roy, who has over two decades of experience, has spent the last 14 years in shaping digital sales for companies such as Times Internet and Network 18.

Her new company, Huella Services, intends to be a strategic growth partner by enabling businesses to improve their efficiency and driving growth with their marketing and sales expertise. A number cruncher and a passionate sales professional, her focus at Huella Services will be digital ad sales and revenue boost for her partners. 

Huella Services will develop efficient and productive revenue generation processes working with teams for businesses across India. With its shared economic and high profit strategy, Huella will work towards elevating business performances through fundamental shifts in the go-to markets and revenue strategy and related fields. 

Roy said, “I am looking forward to embarking on this new journey. At Huella, we aim to be strategic partners to our clients, pushing the boundaries of performance and excel in creating high profitability strategies and processes that are measurable and result oriented. We work with some of the best in the industry to deliver optimum results. Newsroom AI, Accelerate, AdOnMo and Jukin Media are some of our key partners who have embarked on this journey with us.” 

Roy’s expertise lies in sales and she has a proven track record of leading innumerable revenue teams. With over two decades of experience creating new revenue streams, she has displayed strong analytical and leadership skills.

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