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Okay Done Media plays a key role in making RCB ‘The Most Popular Team on Social Media In Asia’

The Digital Marketing agency has also made the IPL team enter the top 10 status on the global social media leader board

Digital media start-up Okay Done Media, a marketing digital agency, has used its social media intelligence to walk the IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore into the top 10 status on the global social media leader board for being one of the world's most popular sports teams and ‘The most popular team in Asia’.

Earlier, Deportes & Finanzas, a global data analytics firms, had declared the Bangalore Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise to be the most popular in Asia, as per reports.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the clients on their roster with a dedicated team putting in their everything in creating topical and trendy social media campaigns for the IPL team. The digital agency has gone from strength to strength in being able to retain the essence of RCB and leveraging it to create engaging content for the fans of the sports team. 

The ‘Ee sala cup namde’ campaign remains one of the catchiest and most memorable IPL team slogans, upon conception the slogan went viral and has remained the fan motto for the team ever since because of its virality and relatability. 

As of this year, RCB enjoys the number eighth spot on the world leader board as one of the most popular sports teams on social media in the world and are the most popular sports team in Asia, a huge milestone for the digital agency.

As per the agency, the entertaining IPL team saw an increase of over 4.7 million followers since Okay Done Media won their digital mandate and took over their social media execution. It said that the social media account has seen an impressive 140% growth rate, with the RCB page now has 8 million followers.

Chethan Hiremath, Founder and Partner, Okay Done Media, said, “We’ve put our heart and soul into creating a space for RCB globally on social media which is not only accessible but also interactive and rooted. We wanted to build a community of loyal fans who are admirers of the team and give them a platform to create and engage with the content without feeling left out. RCB is an emotion and we wanted to reiterate that through our social media campaigns, it’s been a tireless effort in being able to localise content and keep growth channels steady without compromising on the larger brand messaging. Our team has worked around the clock to ensure no moment marketing opportunity is lost; no commentary is left uncommented on. We wanted the page to send a message instead of just posting content that didn’t encourage any fan engagement. We strategise to the best of our ability to keep the page interactive, engaging and fun without compromising on the larger values the RCB team upholds. I would like to specially mention Ajith Ramamurthy, Head of Content and Digital, RCB, who has been the backbone of the operation, he has always been proactive in strategising with us, we couldn’t have done this without his support and he definitely deserves the credit for helping us be the best we can be.” 

Vipin Gulvady, Account Head, Okay Done Media, said, “We’re a team of dedicated people trying to build a community. Our goal has always been to not only be ahead of the game but also to do it in a way that is inclusive of the fans as well. We went into every campaign wanting to proactively engage with the fans and give them a platform to voice their opinions and express their love towards RCB. We wanted to open relevant channels through meaningful and impactful campaigns to set a benchmark on just how important it is to build on fan sentiments. We’ve been advocates of moment marketing and fan engagement right from the get go and left no stone unturned to make sure our voice was being heard. I am extremely proud of my team for constantly being on top of their game and for delivering par excellence. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and are sure that we will make a bigger noise this year.”

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