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JetSynthesys unveils new brand identity

The new logo symbolically represents the various digital platforms owned by JetSynthesys and the changing times, particularly the metaverse

New age digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesys has unveiled a new logo to highlight its presence across multiple digital worlds, titled the #Jetverse.

In a bid to be truly representative of the trending disruptions in the digital industry today, the #metaverse and the #multiverse, the logo revamp further cements the company’s core vision and mission since inception – to be a critical part of the digital lives of consumers across India and the world.

The company has redesigned their logo by adding graphical representations of their various platforms across gaming and esports, entertainment, wellness and livelihood, thus indicating their strong presence in the digital ecosystem. 

The new identity is aimed to connect with the digital natives at large, and establish a brand recall in their minds, on how JetSynthesys has got all their digital needs covered under one single roof.

Designed internally by JetSynthesys' creative team, the new logo represents the power of the digital world that lies in a billion eager hands, represented graphically via a creative narrative around how when a screen lights, it lights up eyes, igniting a new potential with a promise to excite, thrill, cheer, and delight.

Rajan Navani, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, JetSynthesys, said, “At JetSynthesys, we are working towards building a digital ecosystem for our consumers, to be the one-stop solution for all their digital needs. JetSynthesys is built on innovation and new-age culture, representing the new-age economy, and hence, it was important for us to have a resonating identity. Whether it is gaming, esports, wellness, livelihoods, or entertainment, we are committed to delivering delightful moments to all our stakeholders. Together, all these experiences create the #JetVerse, indicating our strong presence in the digital universe. To keep up with trending disruptions, we decided to make this our first step to change as a company to fully capture the opportunities provided through the accelerated adoption of metaverse and multiverse. We hope it will create a stronger brand recall and appreciation for our value proposition amongst our partners and users.”

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