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Entrepreneur, podcaster Varun Duggirala’s book ‘Everything Is Out of Syllabus’ brings anecdotal life lessons

Through funny stories, anecdotes and insightful excerpts and lessons, the book aims to be guide to those striving to navigate and survive and lead a fulfilled life

Content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, storyteller, personal development pundit Varun Duggirala has added yet another ‘hat’, that of an author, to his repertoire with the release of his new book, ‘Everything Is Out of Syllabus: An Instruction Manual for Life & Work.’

The book offers myriad learnings and lessons drawn from unexpected and messy situations in life which are otherwise seldom taught how to deal with in educational syllabi. 

The book aims to give readers a series of profound insights into how to start, make choices, connect with others and themselves, and reflect on life.

Duggirala attempts to answer and discuss crucial questions related to work, life and everything in between—from the true meaning of success, becoming more creative and thinking outside the box to the skills one needs for living a more fulfilled life optimised for happiness.   

The author deep-dives into his wide-spanning experiences to highlight and teach the unspoken and un-taught fundamentals of life in ‘Everything Is Out of Syllabus’. Moreover, several figures in the media and entrepreneurship scene have expressed their thoughts on the read:

“Varun Duggirala is a Renaissance man, able to juggle many passions at once. His energy is infectious and inspiring. I would be happy to follow his instruction manual,” said Anupama Chopra, film critic and author.

“Varun Duggirala delves deep into his innumerous experiences to teach everyone the unspoken fundamentals we were never taught growing up. Everything Is Out of Syllabus is a book that I wish schools would actually put into their syllabus,” Varun Mayya, CEO and Founder, Avalon, said.

Amit Verma, writer and podcaster, said, “Life is hard, the world is messy, and we all need a helping hand. Well, thank goodness Varun Duggirala wrote Everything Is Out of Syllabus. Varun takes one for the team by figuring out life, productivity, the creator economy and how to lead a fulfilled life—and he shares these learnings with us! This book is full of lessons I wish I had learnt 25 years ago—but it’s never too late.”

Duggirala draws unique learnings in the book by having many different perspectives on life and shares his understanding of a spectrum of subjects such as facing one’s fear, trying out new things, learning beyond education, failure, boredom and inspiration, the importance of good conversations, relationships and love, amongst several other things.

With a foreword written by Pooja Dhingra, Chef and Founder of Le15 Patisserie, the book comes packed with anecdotal wisdom, humour and authentic reflection on the unpredictability of life—a must-read for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking to develop their business leadership skills or anyone figuring out how to navigate the twisting bumpy road maps of their own lives.

Duggirala said, “Life comes without an instruction manual and with its own plot twists which are mostly ‘out of syllabus.’ However, the idea behind Everything Is Out of Syllabus isn’t to give the readers a set of rules to live by, nor is it a memoir—rather, it is a collection of incidents, excerpts, insights and moments that have given me a semblance of clarity and multitudes of meaningful lessons. The book is essentially a free-flowing conversation with the readers about the frameworks I’ve used to make sense of moments that seemed tiny and inconsequential but, in reality, deeply impacted my perspective on the three pillars that are work, life and self.”

Dhingra - Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO - Le15 Patisserie, added, “Varun’s knowledge stems from having critically examined his life, putting it into perspective, and allowing hindsight to be a great teacher. Everything Is Out of Syllabus is an excellent read--it’s like talking to a person who knows what life is about and what makes it worth living.”

Alongside the book, a special line of merchandise will also be launched with the Creative Ideas Store (, which includes hoodies, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, and post-it notes with creatives, doodles and interesting one-liners from the book.

It will be available for fans to buy from Friday, February 11 onwards on -

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