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AdColony Launches ‘Game Academy’; a gaming masterclass for APAC Marketers

The interactive learning platform aims to give marketers valuable knowledge and professional competencies around gaming advertising

AdColony, a Digital Turbine company, has launched Game Academy, a free online skills masterclass and qualification focused on marketing solutions in gaming.

Game Academy is an interactive learning platform that gives marketers valuable knowledge and professional competencies around gaming advertising.

The first season of Game Academy is now available to marketers from any level and company in Asia-Pacific.

AdColony’s Senior Vice President APAC, Tom Simpson, said, “Successful marketing has always been based on keeping as closely in step with consumers behaviours, but the explosion of gaming consumption means marketers are now racing to catch up with new habits, audiences, and channels. We are very excited to launch Game Academy to elevate how marketers think about gaming advertising and bring the industry as a whole one big step closer to consumers.”

“Gaming has evolved from being a hobby reserved for a select few demographics, to a mainstream form of entertainment where everybody is a gamer of varying degrees. Gaming technology evolves at the speed of light, and advertisers cannot afford to simply play catch-up. The time is now for marketers to fully grasp every aspect of gaming” he added.

Gaming has seen immense growth over the last few years, and the pandemic has accelerated this growth significantly. By the end of 2021, Southeast Asia will be home to over 250 million mobile gamers, up by 100 million over five years, as per a report.

Gamers are no longer a singular demographic, and consumption has broadened to include a diverse range of audiences: 70% are over the age of 25, over 50% of gamers in Asia-Pacific are female, and 68% don’t even consider themselves gamers.

Upon registering on the Game Academy platform, users will be able to access a series of bite-sized videos that are designed to effectively impart knowledge and insights related to gaming and mobile game advertising. The platform is free to use, and videos are accessible anytime on demand.

The first series of Game Academy will explore topics including but not limited to the boom in mobile usage, how gaming has redefined pop culture, and a breakdown of gamer personas.

The Game Academy experience is gamified for optimum engagement. Upon completing each lesson on Game Academy, users will unlock a new badge. After successfully completing all lessons, graduates will receive a certificate which they may display on their LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

AdColony said, “Game Academy’s purpose is to give confidence and knowledge to marketers that play in the gaming and advertising space. Whether you are exploring gaming advertising for the first time, or you need a refresher before stepping into a critical meeting that discusses gaming advertising, Game Academy is designed to be an effective tool in learning about this new world. The launch of Game Academy’s first season marks a culmination of months of hard work by many stakeholders, it has already received some great feedback from our brand and agency partners, and we are now looking forward to welcoming many more students in Asia-Pacific!”

The first season of Game Academy can be accessed on

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