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‘3,000 Fully Faltoo NFTs sold out within 48 hours of launch’

As per Fully Faltoo, 40% of the ‘loot’ category NFTs were sold in the first 30 minutes and 80% within 24 hours

The range of 3,000 tokens from the ‘loot’ category from the maiden NFT drop from the FullyFaltoo collection curated by Viacom18’s Youth, Music and English (YME) Entertainment Cluster, was sold out in less than 48 hours of its launch, as per the company.

The company also said that 40% of the loot was sold in the first 30 minutes and 80% within 24 hours.

The loot category consisted of collectibles inspired by ‘Bakra urf G.O.A.T’ also known as the only legendary ‘OG POI - Prankster of India’, and ‘Rangu The Champ’, a more passionate character who gave up on his old and boring lifestyle to find out a whole new spark in himself by lighting up his inner dopamine receptors - playback singing.

The category that completely sold out at an attractive price of $10 for each token also had ‘Winging it aka Wing it like Wingnesh’, a charming guy amongst the ladies and ‘Many Me’ is You, the wearer of many hats.

While the ‘loot’ is completely sold out, the ‘rare’ category which consist of 13 static and animated NFTs are currently open for bidding on that ends on February 21, 2022.

Fully Faltoo said it will continue to drop more such iconic, vibrant and culturally-oriented tokens on the Fully Faltoo marketplace platform, which is powered and facilitated by GuardianLink, thus strengthening its NFT play as time progresses.

The maiden NFT drop of 3,013 tokens, consisting of 3,000 loot and 13 rare tokens, from Fully Faltoo collection curated by Viacom18’s YME Entertainment Cluster took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022 at 6 pm.

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