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6 content trends that will transform the way you market

Knowledge platform Quora has released a report highlighting trends which will show the way to marketers looking to leverage consumer intelligence in 2022

Data-driven marketing and user-generated content are the two of the key trends in marketing for 2022. At a time when most of the audience is connected, brands are finding ways to reconnect with the connected audience.

Quora, the knowledge platform having a community of over 100 million knowledge seekers, has released a report highlighting the six trends that will lead the way for marketers looking to leverage consumer intelligence this year.

The report highlights the trends for six industry verticals - Education, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Health and Commerce. 

A few of the key data points:

  • 78% of Indian students seeking career-related answers on Quora were interested in upskilling themselves. 
  • 71% of its users use the internet to watch movies, TV shows, and videos.
  • 44% Quora users more likely to purchase music streaming services.
  • 58% follow the latest technology trends and news.

How brands in each of these six industry verticals have outperformed using insights and data intelligence in the year gone by? 

DOWNLOAD the report for such data points and more for all the six industry verticals leading to case studies and keep your brand abreast with the ever-changing consumer and data intelligence.

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