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News18 India’s ‘Vaccine Se Rukegi Teesri Lahar’ campaign urges people to get fully vaccinated

The campaign will be launched on January 3, at 4:45 pm on the news channel

With the number of Covid cases rising and experts pointing out at the possibility of a third wave in the country, Hindi news channel News18 India has launched a special campaign ‘Vaccine Se Rukegi Teesri Lahar’ to urge people to get fully vaccinated.

The campaign has been launched as the increase in cases in the last few days and spread of the new variant is a sign that the country’s vaccination drive needs further reinforcement.

India will start giving booster shots to health and frontline workers including those above 60 years of age from next week. Meanwhile, vaccinations for children between 15 to 18 years is also starting.

Through the campaign, the channel will urge its viewers to get fully vaccinated and alongside, take mandatory precautions like wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

The channel will also highlight the tireless efforts of medical teams and local administration during the peak of pandemic period. This will help the viewers comprehend the unwelcome consequences of the pandemic that aggravate because of ignorance and unpreparedness.

Starting January 3, the campaign will involve medical practitioners and expert panellists to discuss key interventions that can be taken at both the policy and individual level. 

The “Vaccine Se Rukegi Teesri Lahar” campaign will be launched on Monday at 4:45 pm on News18 India.

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