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Moneycontrol’s content line-up themed ‘The Booster Budget’ attempts to show an exhaustive roadmap for future

The line-up will unpack the expectations, simplify the policies, and decode the impact of the annual financial event, Budget 2022

Moneycontrol, the Indian business and finance platform, is set to present a comprehensive content line-up themed, ‘The Booster Budget’ to unpack the expectations, simplify the policies, and decode the impact of the annual financial event, Budget 2022  

The expert-led, curated line-up includes ‘Moneycontrol Manifesto’, packed with an overview of expert opinions and expectations from across industries; ‘Pitch Report’ aims to acquaint the audience with sector-wise breakup ahead of the budget; ‘History of the Budget’, an eight-part video series brushes up one’s knowledge about 75 different budget presentations with an interactive trivia. 

Millennials and GenZ can take guidance from ‘Gen Z Adda’, a special show curated for the youth. Readers can step into the shoes of the Union Finance Minister, trying their hands on fund allocations and revenue calculations in the ‘Play the FM’ game.

For those who have essential questions about the budget exercise, they can head directly to the FAQ section, or browse through the Ground Report for updates on different industries. 

On February 1, Moneycontrol will bring an A-Z overview of the FM’s vital announcements. Readers can access the live Budget speech on Moneycontrol’s home page and on its social media handles and receive real-time analyses of the impact of the announcements from senior editors and economic experts.  

After the FM’s speech, Moneycontrol has readied a nearly 12-hour live video programming that will feature names from the markets, mutual fund industry and the corporate world who will decode the nuances of the announcements. 

Binoy Prabhakar, Executive Editor, Moneycontrol, said the budget remains a critical macro exercise more so in a pandemic year, with sky-high expectations on reforms to put the economy on a strong footing, employment opportunities, and measures to improve India’s creaking infrastructure. “On February 1, we are committed to bringing real-time updates along with expert analyses to our readers and viewers. Our coverage theme–aptly titled The Booster Budget—underscores the government's plan to transform the economy as it recovers from the pains wrought by the pandemic.” 

Moneycontrol has also lined up a post-Budget coverage with an array of expert opinions and interviews with the big names in the business world to break down the budget.

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