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M.AD School of Ideas celebrates the greatest industry ideas with a card game ‘Game Changers’

The cards were co-conceptualised by Miami Ad School and Innocean Berlin with the aim of inspiring the next generation of creatives

Miami Ad School (M.AD), Mumbai, has created an educational tool, M.AD Game Changers, honouring timeless industry ideas that all students can learn from and be inspired by - so they can create the next game-changing ideas themselves.

The cards were co-conceptualised by Miami Ad School and Innocean Berlin. 

To round up the final 32 cards, the school reached out to graduates, now in leadership positions, like Andrew Keller, VP of Creative and Experiential at Facebook, and Menno Kluin, CCO at Dentsu Creative, asking them to name the ideas they think every student must know before landing their first job.

Then, in a live voting session, over 300 M.AD students across the globe judged each idea according to these categories:
-  Could win a Grand Prix today                   
-  A behaviour changer                                                           
-  Brand-building material      
-  Worth sharing with non-ad friends
-  Belongs in the MOMA
The cards feature an array of classics such as Volkswagen "Lemon", Levi’s “Odyssey” and Apple “1984”, which seek to cover the most ground-breaking and relevant work created over eight decades of advertising, from agencies such as BBH, Wieden & Kennedy and AMV, to name a few.
The game itself follows the rules of "Top Trumps" - in which players compare stats, and the first to collect all cards, wins.
The school also created a website to showcase the final 32 cards and their respective campaigns, along with a token “joker” card and profiles of each of the "jurors" (M.AD students). Visitors can also download the entire deck so they can print and play.
A launch event is also being held virtually on February 3 in which the cards will be presented to the world. The creators of Dove "Beauty Sketches", Burger King "Subservient Chicken", Amnesty "Refugee Nation", Bing/Jay-Z "Decode Jay-Z", who are all M.AD grads, will talk to the attendees and talk about these campaigns.

Printed decks of the cards were also sent to the creators of the final 32 campaigns.
The website too will go live on February 3, along with the launch event.


Pippa Seichrist, CEO of Miami Ad School said, "How to evaluate ideas is the most important skill students can learn to improve their work. When 300 plus students vote on campaigns, like in a real jury, we're offering them a unique opportunity to practice just that. I'm so proud of the students who came up with M.AD Game Changers: Madalena Gonçalves, Gabriela Barreira and Deborah Ferreira. They realized the importance of critical thinking and, together with Innocean Berlin, without whom this global project wouldn't be possible, found a way to help other young creatives develop this skill by simply playing a card game." 

The Miami Ad School, Mumbai is giving away 500 sets of cards, those interested people can reach out to for the same.

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