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ET Money comes up with a new branding strategy; revamps app, brand identity & logo

The key focus of the investment and wealth management platform’s new branding strategy is the focus on personalisation

Investment and wealth management platform ET has unveiled a new brand identity that expresses its unique dynamic approach to personal financial growth.

As per the platform, this new approach comes on the back of a deep consumer understanding exercise that revealed a growing phenomenon, that of individuals breaking away from the pattern of life stages and goals and consequently from set ways of looking at investing their money.

Being a digital-only investment platform, ET Money believes it is perfectly poised to speak to the individual investor and their evolving mindset around money and wealth. 

The key focus of ET Money’s new branding strategy, as a result of this shift in consumer mindset, is the focus on personalisation.

The consumer landscape has altered dramatically from most people operating from a collective of feeling inadequate when it comes to handling their finances to being driven by strong individual desires around life, as well as a highly nuanced and variable risk-reward imagination.

To ensure a hyper-personalised experience for this new reality of Indians, ET Money has revamped its entire app, brand identity as well as a new design system.

It has unveiled a new logo, called ‘Wheel of Wealth’ that signifies stability, protection, personalised approach to wealth and the sense of freedom that wealth gives to an individual to make and live their life choices.

The new app sports a new money-green colour, bold black and smart white. The app dons an always-on dark theme. It has also changed how it spells the brand name from ‘ETMONEY’ to ‘ET Money’ to bring it in line with how users of the app preferred to spell it.

The revamped brand is all set to introduce ET Money Genuis, a membership service that will make it possible for individuals to build unique portfolios to suit their distinct personality and risk-profile. It will start rolling out beginning January 25 and culminate into a public launch by February 8.

Mukesh Kalra, Founder and CEO, ET Money, said, “SEBI has a vision for the Wealth Management industry and that vision has a prominent role for RIAs who are supposed to be fiduciary to their clients and not create a business model on commissions or brokerage. ET Money has led the way for the industry making Direct Mutual Funds as a preferred way to participate in India’s growth story and now we are deepening our commitment further by bringing in hyper-personalised investment intelligence to our investors and become India’s largest RIA by number of paying clients. ET Money Genius will start rolling out beginning January 25, 2022 and culminate into a public launch by February 8, 2022.”

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