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Axis My India forms advisory board with Shashi Sinha, Vikram Sakhuja as members

Sakhuja would be Chairman of the board

(L) Shashi Sinha, Vikram Sakhuja (R)

Axis My India, the consumer data intelligence company has announced the constitution of an advisory board with advertising industry experts Shashi Sinha, CEO of IPG Mediabrands and Vikram Sakhuja, Group CEO of Madison Media joining the board. Sakhuja would be Chairman of the board.

In a press statement, Axis My India said that the board’s primary responsibility would be to keep track of the big picture of the organisation, anticipate challenges on its ambitious path and suggest mitigation tools to avoid the same. Board members would also be expected to bring in a diversity of thought and action, and help broaden the company’s horizons to engage with constituencies and stakeholders outside of its conventional realm.

The press statement further read, “A key focus of the company’s long term vision is to contribute to the development of infrastructure that caters to India’s first-gen digital natives as well as deconstruct the motivations and perceptions that define the workings of the most populous and complex democracy in the world.”

Sakhuja commented, “Axis My India has over the years established itself to be the most accurate psephologist in India. Underlying that is one of the most innovative organisations I have encountered, in terms of their leadership, team and processes. As they now roll out more exciting products, they have the potential to provide not only authoritative insights about both Bharat and India but also create a platform for meaningful dialogue with consumers that can be invaluable for marketers and policymakers. It is my privilege to be able to participate in this journey as an outside-in advisor.”

Sinha remarked, “There is tremendous innovation and bustling activity coming out of India’s non-metros. India’s small towns and villages will power its rise to an economic powerhouse in the 21st century. It is my privilege to be able to engage with Axis My India on its larger vision to empower these communities and to be a part of this exercise underpinned by nation-building”

Pradeep Gupta

Pradeep Gupta, CMD, Axis My India, said “Our company is certainly at an inflexion point, as we look to take to fruition some marquee ideas – India’s first offline-online people empowerment platform focused on listening and facilitating the resolution of various issues of an everyday Indian, the country’s largest syndicated brand study, Consumer Trust Index, as well as aggressively expanding by engaging with all echelons of the industry with our superior data and research offerings. Shashi and Vikram along with other advisory board members, with their deep understanding of India’s business landscape, will be invaluable as guides and mentors as we navigate challenges in our trajectory towards rapid growth and disruption”

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