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TV9 Bangla launches Sharodiya blitzkrieg, releases pujo theme song

The channel unveils brand-new Sharodiya logo, splurges bouquet of content-driven programs this Durga pujo

TV9 Bangla Sharodiya raises toast to audience to shout loud “Pujo Ebar TV9-a” meaning “this time Durga Pujo is on TV9 Bangla only”. With the consequent second wave pandemic situations and the imminent third wave apprehension, TV9 Bangla extends arms to encourage all the viewers to watch TV9 Bangla, ensuring health safety and maintaining covid restrictions. As an extension of TV9 Bangla’s Manusher Pashe campaign, it seeks to stand for the audience to enthrall them with the utmost pujo bouquet program offerings and generate ultimate satisfaction as Bengalis are intrinsically attached with Durga Pujo. Taking this approach ahead, TV9 Bangla manifests “Pujo Ebar TV9-a” through platter of programs. As the news channel unveils Sharodiya logo today, it brings bouquet of programs driving sentiments of every Bengalis, who look forward to the one and only festival of goddess Durga throughout the year. The 35 day-long campaign shall be covered for nearly 10000 mins of the assorted pujo programs containing 90+ episodes.

Sharodiya derives from the word “Sharod” meaning “Autumn”. Hence TV9 Bangla Sharodiya logo embodies the legacy and the pride of Bengal Durga Pujo festivity. This has all started when the team of TV9 Bangla has conceptualised the royal red hue of the Sharodiya logo in tandem with the tone of the bright-hued brand logo. The role of the tagline “Pujo Ebar TV9-a” meaning “this time Durga Pujo is on TV9 Bangla only” encourages audience to feast their eyes on every update of the bouquet of the pujo programs and the pujo news from all the corners of the globe that TV9 Bangla Sharodiya has to offer.

TV9 Bangla debuts Durga Pujo theme song exclusive Pujor Gaan TV9 বাংলার পুজোর গান | Durga Puja 2021 | Pujar Gaan | Maa Durga - YouTube, the prelude to the week-long festival, that has been aimed to arouse and amuse audience with the thrill of the festivities. Composed by the renowned composer, Debojyoti Mishra, this pujo hymn infuses sensation of this auspicious occasion. It shall be aired throughout 35 days on the news channel to create a hype carrying sentiments around the month-long festive fervor.

Strikingly, on the day of Mahalaya, TV9 Bangla Sharodiya invigorates the telecast of “Tomari Matir Kanya” a special 120-minute show on goddess Durga to create goosebumps captivating the autumnal spirit and exhilarating the senses of the viewers that will be showcased under TV9 Bangla Sharodiya campaign.

Some of the programs from the bouquet to name- “TV9 Bangla Amar Pujo (Pujor Khobor)”- daily news capsule on pujo from pujo shopping to pandal hopping; “Annya Durga”-  an extraordinary stories on women who win challenges against all the odds; “Durga Pujor Bioscope”- special stories from the grassroot level of the workforce, be it artisans or labors engaged in Durga pujo; “Banglar Durga Pujo”- Historic tales of Durga Pujo; “Dekchi Thakur Pandal e”- pujo coverage on pandals showcasing pandal art, artefacts and idols, “Pujoye Ebar Raajar Bari”- exclusive reels of traditional Rajbaris (palaces); “TV9 Banediyana – traditional household pujo,” “Pujor Adda”- broadcasts of chats of radio (FM), theatre, celebs (Tollywood)-, gaan (songs), television celebrities, pujo history and culture; “TV9 Bangla Pujor Sera”-Competitions and award giving ceremonies and other attractions.

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