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The Womb only Indian agency to win two Gold APAC Effies this year

The agency won one Gold Effie for Friends Adult Diapers and the other for Rio Sanitary Pads. It was also declared Independent Agency of the Year, Runner-Up

The Womb, a leading independent communications agency, is the only Indian agency to win two Gold APAC Effies this year. One Gold Effie for Friends Adult Diapers and the other for Rio Sanitary Pads. The agency is also Independent Agency of the Year, Runner-Up.

Kawal Shoor

About the wins Kawal Shoor Co-Founder, The Womb, said, “Effectiveness awards are the ones that matter to us. And winning an APAC Effies is quite an achievement as your entry competes with the best in Asia and Australia/NZ. And then to win a gold is something else. And then to win the only two gold for the country makes us super proud. And to top it all, to finish among the Top 2 independents in Asia! Wow!”

Shoor added, “We just put our heads down and get on with it, and when you look up and are greeted with such news, it just makes everything worth it for all of is. Big hugs and thanks to our clients who continue to believe in the power of an idea that can change not just the conversations, but also consumer behaviour. We love to punch above our weight, and this is one such moment.”

Kartik Johari Vice-President Marketing and Commerce, Nobel Hygiene, said, "We deal in taboos and a lot of our campaigning in the last two years has been about (especially with Friends) selling a product whose use no one wants to acknowledge. The APAC gold isn't just a moment of pride, but also an acknowledgement of the fact that these conversations are being normalised and are coming to the forefront. The best thing about awards is that it helps bring campaigns, campaign topics and several human vulnerabilities to the forefront—and so we imagine various brands in these sectors in the Asia Pacific region sitting up, taking note and perhaps having the courage to start these conversations themselves. Especially with showing red blood with Rio. It's a huge win not just for us, but for healthcare conversations in general. It makes us very happy! Very proud that we are at the forefront of the movement."

The Womb had four finalists, which resulted in two Gold in the healthcare category.

1.      Automotive: Mahindra Auto – An Auction that built price premium

2.      Healthcare: Nobel Hygiene – India! Periods are red not blue

3.      Healthcare: Nobel Hygiene – Its ok to pee in your pants

4.      Seasonal Marketing: Nobel Hygiene – Together we are free

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