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Huggies’ campaign celebrates the joyful moments of discoveries that come with motherhood

The campaign by Ogilvy India aims to champion the power of a mom’s instinct by advocating the belief that #MomWaliFeeling hai #SahiWaliFeeling

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Huggies, the diaper brand by Kimberly-Clark, has launched a campaign #SahiWaliFeeling in its quest to partner with new moms in their inexplicable expedition of ‘motherhood’. With the understanding that mothers are constantly reeling under the pressure of perfect parenting, the brand aims to champion the power of a mom’s instinct by advocating the belief that #MomWaliFeeling hai #SahiWaliFeeling.

Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark India, said, “Navigating motherhood can be a daunting task even for the naturally confident millennial mothers. However, despite all the chaos, there are often real moments of joy that mothers experience when their instincts take over, and they realise new ways of caring for their baby. As a brand that has been an indispensable part of the lives of new mothers, Huggies has always been inspired by their desire to provide the very best care to their little ones, and this new campaign brings this to life in the context of the moms of today. We believe in the invaluable virtue of a mother’s inner voice and are committed to being a trusted partner that not only makes her journey easier through unmatched product experiences but also makes her believe in herself and her choices for her baby.”

“For new mothers, every little discovery is a manifestation of their instincts and the campaign #SahiWaliFeeling celebrates the small successes that come with it. As a legacy brand, Huggies has always stood by mothers, every step of the way, and we hope that this initiative will not only resonate with them but also help boost their confidence.” said Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India.

Introduced through a TVC, the launch of the campaign will be supported by a high-decibel integrated marketing overture, rooted in the product promise of softness and brand philosophy of further tightening the bond between a mother and her baby through the ties of trust and assurance.

With its bubble-bed technology and absorption of up to 12 hours, Huggies Wonder Pants keeps the baby’s skin dry and comfortable overnight. The diaper also comes with a next generation waistband that is delicately designed to protect the baby’s waist against red marks, making it hassle-free for mommies all around.

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