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News Broadcasters & Digital Association (NBDA) unveils logo

The television and digital industry body, which commands more than 80% of news television viewership in India, completes the identity makeover with the new logo

News Broadcasters & Digital Association (NBDA), born by renaming News Broadcasters Association to add and accommodate digital media news broadcasters as its members, has unveiled its new logo.

The new logo consists of two rings which are in unison with each other. This unison signifies the amalgamation of television and digital ecosystems. The solid blue ring represents the television ecosystem and the solid colour characterises the firm presence of news genre from ages.  Digital being a new-age and a vibrant platform, is denoted by the shades of orange (gradient) in the ring as well as the alphabet ‘D’.

The NBDA consists of the nation's top-rated news channels and commands more than 80% of news television viewership in India. With the media landscape changing drastically due to technology, enormous choices have now become available to viewers to access content on various mediums and digital seems to be the future.

Rajat Sharma

Talking about the new development, NBDA President Rajat Sharma said, "I firmly believe that the NBDA will become a strong collective voice for both the broadcast and digital media. Along with commercial and regulatory issues, it will also enable the Association to defend the fundamental right of free speech and expression guaranteed to the media in the Constitution of India in a better manner."

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