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Licious unveils #FasterChef campaign featuring Kunaal Roy Kapur

The campaign by Tilt Brand Solutions is an ode to good food and the joy of sharing a meal with friends, even when they arrive unannounced

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Licious, a tech-first full-stacked D2C fresh meat and seafood brand, has rolled out a campaign titled #FasterChef featuring actor, director and podcaster Kunaal Roy Kapur.

The campaign is an ode to good food and the great joy of sharing a meal with your friends, even when they arrive unannounced.

As we watch actor Kunaal treat his friends to some delectable, home-made tikkas, kebabs and tandoori, we know that the ‘nakhare’ of meat lovers can now be met in a jiffy! Thanks to Licious’ unique range of RTC products, anyone can become a #FasterChef. The films bring a key consumer insight alive— meat lovers are not just happy with master chef quality food, they now want it to be served on-demand, hence FasterChef. The Licious ready-to-cook range is designed keeping those meat lovers in mind who are constrained for time yet unwilling to compromise on a wholesome home-made meal or snack. Whether they are entertaining guests who arrive announced or indulging in some self-care, the scrumptious and authentic meaty delights can always come to their rescue. Licious offers one of the largest ranges of RTC products with delicacies like kebabs and tandoori chicken that can be cooked in eight short minutes.

Simeran Bhasin, VP Brands and New Venture, Licious, said, “As a brand that celebrates the love for meat, Licious is committed to making cooking and eating at home a joyous experience. Our RTC range of products provides authentic taste, without the use of any artificial additives, for the most memorable gourmet experiences in a completely hassle-free and swift manner. The latest digital campaign talks just about that.

“Our consumer research also indicates how the young and the savvy are discovering the joy of a hearty home cooked meal. Millennials are the new Gastronauts— a keen and dedicated admirer of great food and we are now engaging in active conversation with them. Men are also a large part of the Gastronaut demographics. You can see that being reflected consistently through all our communication. The new ad films are fun and engaging, which are sure to entice the young and the young-at-heart alike.”

Shriram Iyer, Chief Creative and Content Officer, Tilt Brand Solutions who collaborated with Licious to create the films, “Licious Ready to Cook helps anyone put together a delicious platter within minutes. This very clear and solid proposition allowed us to leap to a simple idea ‘FasterChef’. When a bunch of friends drop in uninvited and make demands of the host Kunaal, he surprises them with his culinary skills. He produces meaty delights within eight minutes and shocks his buddies. He then shuts them up by coming up with the title ‘FasterChef’ for himself. The film also places Licious RTC in a familiar urban milieu. Banter between friends laced with repartee allows for an easy and organic landing of the product message and the brand's promise ‘For the love of meat’.”

The #FasterChef digital campaign is targeted at a national audience through digital media and brand assets.

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