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World television premiere of Bhojpuri film ‘Ganga Sama Gail Sagar Me’ on Zee Biskope

The channel sets the mood of the auspicious month of Saawan for cine buffs with the movie this Sunday at 6pm in the Jila Top band

As the auspicious month of Saawan sets in, Bhojpuri movie channel Zee Biskope is all set to entertain its audience on the theme of divine intervention and symbolism around the festival of Saawan. The channel will bring exclusive world television premiere of the superhit Bhojpuri movie ‘Ganga Sama Gail Sagar Me’ on Sunday, July 25 at 6pm, Jila Top band. The movie features superstars Manan Tiwari, Kalpana Shah and Nisha Singh in the lead roles.

The story revolves around Sagar and his lady love Ganga with whom he can’t get married because Sagar’s birth was a blessing from Baba Bhairavnath on the condition that he will die the day he gets married. Sagar happens to be the rebirth of a Naag killed by Baba Bhairavnath in his quest for capturing the Naagin which Bhairavnath later failed to. Ganga happens to be a devotee of the same Naagin. The story involves a lot of dramatic sequences which continues to unfold the truth. Whether Sagar will get Ganga, or the Naagin will get her husband back is what viewers will enjoy as the mystery unfolds this Sunday in the premiere of Ganga Sama Gaili Sagar Mein.

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Sr. Vice-President, Bhojpuri Cluster, said, “Movies with a clutter-breaking story line has always performed well in the category irrespective of star cast. With the onset of Saawan, a supernatural belief-system based content will entice viewers as per regional sensibility.  We are confident that this movie especially curated around Saawan will enjoy strong viewership making it a weekend gala to enjoy with the family.”

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