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WatConsult wins tech mandate for Joy Personal Care

The agency will be responsible for the e-commerce development for Joy Personal Care efforts to enhance site traffic and stimulate seamless navigation

WatConsult has won the tech mandate for ‘Joy’, from the house of RSH Global, following a multi-agency pitch. The agency’s Mumbai office will work in tandem with the brand to build an engaging and enjoyable shopping experience for customers online. 

As per the mandate, WatConsult will be responsible for the e-commerce development for Joy Personal Care efforts to enhance site traffic and stimulate seamless navigation. 

Sunil Agarwal

Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global, said, “We launched around 25 products for the e-commerce platforms from December 2020 to April 2021. These are differentiated products which are not a part of our general trade and modern trade portfolio and are priced 25-30% higher than its offline range.”

He further said, “We will further strengthen our product portfolio by adding more products, specially targeted to the online consumer. As of now, the e-commerce business is around 4-5% of our annual GMV and is driven by various marketplaces. We want to increase it to 10% in the next two years, while we strive to get the overall turnover to 1,000 crores by the same time. To achieve this, we understand that having our own exclusive marketplace would be a key factor, and hence I’m happy to welcome WatConsult on board to help us with a website that gives us a window to sell our products to our online consumers”

Poulomi Roy

Poulomi Roy, CMO, RSH Global, said, “We were driving our e-commerce business through various marketplaces, but with the advent of the pandemic, the relevance of e-commerce as a sales channel has become significant. Therefore, we’ve decided to launch our own marketplace. We believe this will help us grow our business and we’re ready to put in substantial marketing budgets in order to build a robust website and ensure steady traffic. A technically sound and user-friendly website is extremely important and hence we decided to get the expertise of WatConsult on board. We look forward to working with them.”  

Heeru Dingra

Heeru Dingra, CEO, WatConsult, said, “Covid-induced online buying habits have led to a drastic rise of e-commerce. Today, consumers even from Tier II + cities are flocking online to shop.  To make the most of this opportunity, there is a need for companies to upgrade/build a virtual infrastructure that is relevant to consumers and their evolving behaviours. We are happy that Joy Personal Care recognises this as a key strategy for the brands growth and we look forward to helping them conquer in this new world.”

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