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State of Siege: Temple Attack: Learn all about NSG commandos’ rescue operation in upcoming ZEE5 original

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Somewhere in this era of high-pitched action flicks, we lost the true essence of ‘real dramatic actioners. While one-man army stories witnessed a surge, the tales of lifelike rescue missions seemed to be missing. Reviving the same, ZEE5 is back with a new original film, 'State of Siege: Temple Attack'. Though the rescue operation in State Of Siege is inspired by the 2002 terrorist attack, it also offers a great insight into the lives of NSG commandos.

The trailer of State of Siege: Temple Attack is laden with well-choreographed action sequences. And this first glimpse has created a wave of excitement among the fans. As seen in the trailer, the terrorists enter a temple, taking the pilgrims hostage. Following this, the NSG commandos take up this rescue mission, fighting tooth and nail against the terrorists. Moreover, this movie on NSG commandos will be synergized with ample drama and well-crafted action scenes.

Watching Akshaye Khanna as commander Hanut Singh has left the fans super excited. The actor enters the scene as NSG takes the hold of the pandemonium-like situation amid the state. And that’s where the real story begins, portraying the action-filled exchanges between the commandos and the terrorist group. The soldiers are shouldered with the responsibility to safeguard the innocents. And this is well conveyed through captivating dialogues which are sure to set down a stream of pride among the viewers.

While the dialogues add to the dramatic course of the film, an insight into the personal space of commandos gives an authentic touch to the story. Although Akshaye Khanna as NSG commando Hanut Singh leads the story, there are other vital characters to offer different perspectives of the story. Apart from Khanna, the film also features a talented squad of Vivek Dahiya, Gautam Rode, Manjari Faddnis, and Akshay Oberoi.

State Of Siege: Temple Attack is another rooted-with-reality project offered by ZEE5. The film will portray the real happenings of the 2002 terrorist attack on Akshardham Temple in Gujarat. And to intrigue the viewers, there’s an array of properly choreographed action sequences.  From the trailer, we can also say that there are few hand-to-hand combat scenes that will speak through impactful dialogues.

Well, in this story of an anti-terror operation, the viewers will get a detailed overview of NSG commandos and their breathtaking assignments. The film also highlights the never-seen-before ‘plan of action’ amid such rescue operations. And this is one of the major reasons why one should add State Of Siege: Temple Attack to the watchlist. This new yet ambitious project is helmed by Ken Ghosh who has referred to the film as a homage to NSG commandos.

Calling the film a tribute to the NSG, director Ken Ghosh said in a statement, “There is an immense amount of hard work that has gone into making this film. The trailer is a quick adrenaline-pumping snapshot of the film. This film is our tribute to the NSG.”

State of Siege: Temple Attack promises to be an edge-of-seat action drama with an intriguing storyline. Also, this project will mark Akshaye Khanna’s digital debut which can be noted as an interesting comeback. The film also stars Vivek Dahiya, Gautam Rode, Manjari Faddnis and Akshay Oberoi amongst others.

Watch State Of Siege: Temple Attack, exclusively streaming on ZEE5 from July 09.

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