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ET Medialabs wins digital mandate for Box8 and Mojo Pizza

The agency will provide a complete range of digital marketing and analytics services to Box8 and Mojo Pizza, including performance marketing on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, etc

Digital marketing agency ET Medialabs has won the digital mandate for Box8 and Mojo Pizza after a multi-agency pitch. This will include app marketing analytics, BI, and growth mandate for the cloud kitchen company.

ET Medialabs will provide a complete range of digital marketing and analytics services to Box8 and Mojo Pizza, including performance marketing on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

The agency will also offer daily reporting and dashboards to Box8 and Mojo Pizza comprising full-funnel stitched data of all marketing channels used and will build BI dashboards on tableau for the food start-up’s business.

ET Medialabs will be working on identifying the last-mile customer segments and user personas with its services and will cater the communication as required. The agency will strategise to create a full-funnel stitched environment for an enhanced understanding of the entire customer journey that will help optimise campaigns in the future. ET Medialabs will use approaches to reduce ad wastages across various channels and will instead allocate those spends to the top-performing campaigns/channels. Efforts will be put into identifying new users who are acquired from different channels and optimising that data with in-house engineering tools. Using these techniques, ET Media Labs has exponentially scaled engagement on different channels.

Additionally, ET Medialabs specialises in designing a scalable campaign structure and complementing them with Google's Advanced ML algorithms, creative personalisation with respect to user personas, and experimenting and testing different optimisation events for an improved customer acquisition cost. Also, the agency experiments and tests different optimisation events for better customer acquisition cost. Their speed of execution due to stellar tech, inbuilt processes, and systems are important factors that help ET Medialabs deliver results in a cost and time-effective manner.

Lalit Panigrahi, VP, ET Medialabs, said, “We are ecstatic about our association with Box8 and will strive to deliver an outstanding performance on the mandate bagged by the food start-up. In the current times, when health and hygiene have gained paramount importance, cloud kitchens have acquired a necessary place within the delivery chain, making it easy and convenient for people to order their favourite food from the comfort of their homes. Our brilliant team has extensive expertise for generating sales, optimising spends on various online marketing channels, creating brand awareness online and building brand loyalty. We are proud of our ability to add value to our partnered brands and are elated to be doing the same for our newest collaboration.”

Kuldeep Jain, Core Team Member, Box8, said, “ET Medialabs is a reputed leader in providing extensive and dynamic digital marketing services to its clients. We have India’s highest rated food brands serving five cities from our 120+ cloud kitchens. This is the message we want to spread far and wide. As ET Medialabs has in-depth experience in delivering exceptional digital marketing services, collaborating with them is sure to give us that edge, which will make us stand out from our competitors. We look forward to the value addition that this association will bring us for the long term.” 

Box8 is a Desi Meals Brand, serving across 120+ stores in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi- NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The full-stack cloud kitchen brand owns the entire food value chain, right from procurement of high-quality ingredients to food preparation to the last mile delivery.

Mojo Pizza is a full-stack cloud kitchen company, known for its pizzas with 2X toppings. It is a home-grown pizza delivery chain. They have 120+ kitchens spread across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

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