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#ARM Worldwide launches e-commerce practice #armCommerce

Abhishek Punia, Co-founder of #ARM Worldwide, will now be the CEO of #armCommerce

Leading independent digital consulting company #ARM Worldwide has announced the launch of their new yet experienced e-commerce unit ‘#armCommerce’. The new division will now take complete control of existing and new D2C businesses under its wings.

In its ninth year, #ARM Worldwide is a digital consultancy company working with a host of national and global organisations across sectors. #arm specialises in consulting, strategising and executing integrated services across digital marketing and communications with creativity and analytics at the core. Since its inception, #arm has successfully worked with multiple brands with spirited work ethics, ingenious creativity, and superlative expertise. Owing to their ability to answer the real-world concerns of businesses by creating measurable, data-driven, and creative solutions, this Gurgaon headquartered company has received international accolades and transformed into an award-winning organisation.

Ritesh Singh, Co-Founder and Managing Director, #ARM Worldwide, said, "In the past 8 years, we have worked across sectors, worked with multinational companies as well as walked together with startup founders, working to achieve the goals of our customers. Many of our success stories have been in establishing D2C brands apart from working to achieve marketplace dominance.

“Need of the hour was to have a dedicated focus on our e-commerce practice and we have taken a big step towards it. Abhishek Punia, Co-founder of #ARM Worldwide, will now be the CEO of our e-commerce practice #armCommerce. As #ARM, our mission has been to ensure the growth of our customers both in business (value and volume) and brand (customer love) terms and our dedicated e-commerce practice has already started showing signs of success (more on business wins soon).”

On leading this new space, Punia said, “As challenging and enticing this new journey is going to be, we know we are all prepared based on our experiences with E-commerce. The sheer focus will be on combining technology and performance marketing solutions and continue delivering success at scale across categories like FMCG, Consumer Durables, Technology, EdTech, SAAS.”

“The foresightedness of the team gave way to an already existing, dedicated and experienced team in place. With a skilful, energetic and vastly certified team of tech and performance media experts, #armCommerce strives to become an awarded success story within the commerce marketing space. We are on a hiring spree for #armCommerce and new customer acquisition announcements are lining up.

“Digital as a field has become a playground for experts, not generalists. At #ARM, our culture involves focusing on the T-shaped model for team members, with everyone focusing on being a master of one instead of being jack of all therefore we have experts leading & delivering for each service. The T-shaped model makes our team members valuable as they possess excellent knowledge and skills in their specific areas and are good at collaboratively working with others."

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