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World television premiere of Bhojpuri movie ‘Prem Pyaar Mein’ on Zee Biskope

The film starring Kunal Singh, Surya Ravi and Prem Singhon will air on June 27 at 6pm in the Jila Top band

Bhojpuri movie channel Zee Biskope is all set to regale its audiences with the exclusive world television premiere of superhit Bhojpuri movie Prem Pyaar Mein on Sunday, June 27 at 6 pm, Jila Top band. The movie stars Kunal Singh, Surya Ravi, Hemant Bharti, Bobby Pravin, Prem Singh among others.

Prem, the protagonist of the movie, is the son of the landlord of his village. Prem’s father, who is approaching his late 50s, is planning to re-marry, due to which Prem’s mother falls on her death bed. The story revolves around the complications created by Prem’s father and his intention to marry Prem’s girlfriend but because Prem’s father is rich, the girl’s parents agree to her marriage. How will this situation resolve and how will Prem manage his relations is what the movie will unfold. The action-packed drama clubbed with full-on entertainment will definitely leave viewers asking for more.

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Sr. Vice-President, Bhojpuri Cluster, said, “When it comes to enhancing the content offering, a world television premiere is key. It not just adds freshness to our content mix but also offers an entertaining family viewing experience. We curate premieres after extensive study of consumer insights so that we land the right kind of movie meeting on a par with viewer expectations. Weekends especially show a surge in consumption that we ardently cater to. With the world television premiere of Prem Pyaar Mein, we are sure to keep our viewers hooked giving them the right mix of excitement, happiness and entertainment.”

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