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Top five reasons to participate in BestMediaInfo Rising Star Awards

A must-read for the brands and agencies sitting on the fence

With the last deadline extension for the inaugural India TV presents BestMediaInfo Rising Star Awards, here are ‘five reasons’ to participate, especially for brands and agencies sitting on the fence:

1. Avoiding danger is no safer

For those who fear star performers will be poached due to any exposure, it is true that exposure comes with some degree of risk but one must brave it in order to nurture the third or fourth line of leadership. Poaching is a part of the game and it is open for every company. Moreover, if we don't create heroes out of our own people, they will find a place where they will be treated as one.

2. What is in the name?

If you do not give exposure to your people, they will continue working as data cruncher, backbencher and whatnot. This way they will never take lead on their own. They need all the name and fame in the industry for their good work.

3. Relentless refresh

Media strategy is undeniably a function of fresh ideas and perspectives. Freshness will be induced in the industry when new faces get an opportunity to hog the limelight.

4. Judged by the masters of the trade

The handpicked jury panel consists of media heads of India’s top brands who, over the decades, have excelled in media strategy. They have graced the panel to select their predecessors.

5. Transparent and fully automated judging process

This is the basic credential of this award or any other award from BestMediaInfo and BuzzInContent but an important reason for you to be assured about the process.

Finally, the industry will win as it will get an opportunity to hear fresh ideas.

The Final Deadline to Enter is Friday, June 11, 2021. ENTER NOW

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