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Sony BBC Earth launches an interactive virtual game ‘Get Quizzing’

Available on SonyLiv app and website, it has quick matches, comprising multiple-choice-questions from genres such as nature and wildlife, engineering and fun science, food, space, human body, fitness and health, culture, adventure and exploration and general awareness

Sony BBC Earth has launched its next digital IP ‘Get Quizzing’ on SonyLiv in India.

Sony BBC Earth is a premium factual entertainment channel by MSM Worldwide Factual Media – a joint venture between Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) and BBC Worldwide

The infotainment channel is extending its positive and insightful content to a digital platform, thereby offering an additional platform for people to experience the brand and all it has to offer. Fun, interactive and immersive, Get Quizzing is a treasure trove for fun facts about everything on earth.

The game was launched on April 8 on SonyLiv app and web, with the aim of not only amplifying brand awareness among newer audiences, but also to reinforce the channel’s content diversity in a seamless manner.

Get Quizzing has quick matches, comprising multiple-choice-questions from eight popular genres — nature and wildlife, engineering and fun science, food, space, human body, fitness and health, culture, adventure and exploration, and general awareness. The game taps into the most popular drivers for casual games, with features such as solo/multiplayer options, virtual gratifications, real-time leaderboards, #didyouknow factoids and more.

Tapping into the competitive gamers community, SonyLiv is promoting Get Quizzing via ‘Tournaments’, encouraging people to play, explore, discover and win cash prizes. Within the first week, the game amassed more than 1L gameplays and the highest time spent of all games under Liv Tournament. It has also emerged as one of the top games on SonyLIV and the gameplays is steadily increasing.

The game is being heavily promoted to target SonyLiv subscribers and newer audiences through on-air and social media promotions. Sony BBC Earth even launched a fun, gamified AR filter to give a glimpse of the game and drive people to log on to Liv and play more - Additionally, to tap newer audiences, the game is being promoted on Sony SAB’s popular show ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’. The in-show integration is seamlessly woven into the story, bringing alive the USP of the game, which is, a fun quiz game for people of all ages, that helps you discover fun facts.

Get Quizzing will help people satiate their curious minds and broaden their horizon about the world at large, all bundled in an enjoyable offering. 

Rohan Jain, Marketing Head, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India, said, “Sony BBC Earth has always pushed the envelope and engaged with the audience in newer ways, beyond television content. Get Quizzing is our attempt to cater to our digital first consumers and design an offering that’s engaging, entertaining and educational. This property is an extension of our efforts to build consumer first touchpoints, and drive resonance for the brand.”

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