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FreshToHome launches campaign to convince consumers to buy online

Conceptualised by Action & Co, the campaign shows that the platform offers products in all three categories — chicken, fish, or meat with quick delivery, cleaned, cut, and ready-to-cook with quality checks and cold supply chain

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

FreshToHome, an integrated online brand in fresh fish and meat e-commerce, has launched its TVC campaign titled “Apne Aap Se Ya FreshToHome App Se”. The campaign is slated to go on air and on the company’s social media platforms in six regional languages.

The “Apne Aap Se Ya FreshToHome App Se” campaign encourages and invites all chicken, meat, fish and seafood lovers to opt for a superior offering through the FreshToHome platform.

As a part of the TVC campaign, the company has launched three short videos, screened at one go, in a split screen. The story revolves around the many challenges consumers face when they buy chicken, fish, or meat from the wet market and how FreshToHome presents a better option with its best-in-class products. All three videos use humour as a genre to highlight the contrasts of buying from the wet market versus online on FreshToHome app.

The first film has a man who returns back home all sweaty and tired, after buying chicken from the wet market, and yet unhappy with his choice. The second scene shows a woman who has purchased fish from the market and finds it messy and cumbersome to clean. Lastly, we see another woman who has to wait for an enormously long time for her wet market bought meat to get cooked.

Conceptualised by the agency Action & Co, the campaign brings alive the fact that FreshToHome platform offers products in all three categories — chicken, fish, or meat with quick delivery, cleaned, cut, and ready-to-cook, antibiotic-free, 150+ quality checks, and cold supply chain.

Shan Kadavil, CEO and Co-Founder of FreshToHome, said, "FreshToHome is a new-age brand that resonates with the changing needs of the young, urban Indian consumer. Through this TVC campaign, we want to go a step further and establish the brand as the facilitator of change in the online chicken, fish, and meat industry. At just a click of a button, you can order your very own favourite variety of fresh meat and fish through express delivery. Looking at the ongoing pandemic scenario, we want our consumers to stay indoors and at the same time enjoy fresh and chemical-free food.”

FreshToHome has also revamped its brand identity. The new logo resonates with the young, urban Indian consumer with its contemporary look, feel and brings to life the core proposition of ‘freshness’ that the FreshToHome Platform delivers in all its products — chicken, fish or meat that are directly procured from farmers and fishermen and are 100% chemical-free.

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