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Passive Income Online: What is it?

Exploring passive income sources online is a great way to make some money on the side. Shutdowns, layoff notices, and pay cuts have compelled people to look for alternative income sources. What could be better than trying out the popular online income sources? 

From copywriting services to graphic designing and from affiliate marketing to blogging, people are exploring a variety of passive income sources over the internet. You may continue with your primary job while making money through passive income for greater financial stability. Let’s dig deeper and find out more about passive income and the opportunities available.

What is Online Passive Income?

Passive income is continuing to make money without having to leave your job or putting in more than a couple of hours daily. Does that sound tempting? Well, you simply do much of the work in advance and then continue to make money by just putting in some additional work at a later stage to keep the money flowing.

To cite an example, if you create a blog, you’ll simply have to update it regularly to keep it interesting and relevant. With passive income, you keep making money even when you aren't working actively. Passive income strategies like launching a course or an electronic book require you to upload the content and relax while you earn.

There are some location-independent avenues of passive income that can be made online only with a computer and an internet connection. Here’re some of the most popular ideas for generating a steady passive income.


If you have a flair for writing or possess a special interest or hobby, blogging could be the perfect source of passive income for you. Display ads, digital product selling, or affiliate marketing can make your blog a perfect source of passive income. To be able to earn passive income through display ads, you'll need to get the hang of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s the science of drawing traffic to your website. After you’ve ensured steady traffic to your blog, you might even witness companies approaching you for partnerships on projects.


For Dropshipping, you’ll need to handle an online store while taking help from a third-party supplier for fulfilling the order. It doesn’t require direct product handling. The best thing about Dropshipping is that you won’t need to make an upfront investment for building the inventory. You’ll simply have to pick the item from the wholesaler or manufacturer when a sale is made and sent to the buyer. You can start your Dropshipping venture on sites like Shopify or Wix.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves you entering into a deal with retailers to promote products they are looking to sell. You earn when you’re paid a commission for each sale that is made through your promotion of the product. You may use social media, a YouTube channel, a blog, or a podcast to promote your affiliate links. Well-known affiliate programs like Amazon Associates & ShareASale are just great for promoting your links.

Digital Courses

Until now, you may have been sharing your knowledge and expertise on a niche for free. It could’ve been a Facebook post, a YouTube channel, or a blog where you’ve shared your knowledge. Well, it’s time to use your knowledge to make some money by offering online courses. Create a digital course and launch it on platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, Udemy, or Podia, who shall sell it, giving you a handsome earning. You shall have to put in some effort only when you create the content. Once that’s done, you’ll see a steady earning.

Cost-per-Click Ads

With cost-per-click ads, you won't need to keep your fingers crossed, hoping that a visitor buys something. You get paid simply for the visitor clicking on your ad irrespective of what they do after that. Every single click on your ad has money flowing into your bank account.

Safeguarding Against Online Frauds 

Passive income is a tempting thought for many. However, you should be careful about the offers and opportunities you see. For instance, there are many scams that might attempt to lead you on. Typically, such scams proclaim to help people earn thousands very quickly. Thus, be careful not to stumble upon a pyramid scheme or another type of scam.

It’s imperative to take the necessary precautions against hackers and fraudsters while setting up a passive online income source. Irrespective of whether you’ve decided to set up a blog or establish a dropshipping business, you need to secure personal and financial data stored on your smartphone, laptop, or PC.

During the setup, you will need to share some personal and financial data with the service providers like Google, Amazon, etc. Now, if you intend to protect this data, you need to install an antivirus program, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and a variety of other security tools. Installing a VPN can protect the integrity of your data since it encrypts information about your browsing. How? It does so by securing an encrypted connection between the internet and the device you are using.

More Opportunities

It’s a world of opportunities out there! If ensuring financial stability for your family has been worrying you, now you know how to keep the money flowing. Passive online income needs no major investment. You just have to be a bit tech-savvy and grab the most suitable opportunity.

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