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Apurva Purohit quits as President of Jagran Group

This phase of my journey is about creating and funding businesses which work towards generating employment where it is needed, and at scale, says Purohit

Apurva Purohit

Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Group, has called it quits after over half a decade with the group and a 16-year stint with Music Broadcast Limited (Radio City). She will remain with the company until June 30, 2021.

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“Apurva’s key strengths lie in her ability to simplify complex problems, build teams and implement innovations and strategies in a focused and extremely effective fashion. Her understanding of consumer behaviour and what drives change in people, and managing the tough business of media which require both right and left brain thinking and her business acumen have been invaluable to Jagran, especially in the last few difficult years. Her exit is a great loss to the Group but also to me personally since I have always looked upon her for independent high-quality advice in key matters, especially those concerning corporate governance and a business view of finance. I wish her all the very best,” said  RK Agarwal, Group Chief Financial Officer, Jagran Prakashan Limited.

In her tenure at Jagran, Purohit helped pivot the group from a deep-rooted reliance on its traditional print businesses to focus on new-age emerging businesses. The strategies adopted under her tutelage and her emphasis on excellence in implementation have helped create strong and resilient verticals in radio, print, outdoor and digital with the ability to power through difficult economic scenarios.

“I have spent 32 years in media and have had the good fortune to work on every possible media platform, from the early days of setting up Lodestar, one of India’s finest media houses, to working in television, radio, print and digital. These three decades have given me incredible opportunities to build and scale up a diverse set of businesses – from fledgeling ones like Radio City, to new ventures like Times TV and supervising turnarounds in mature organizations like Zee TV. I will continue to use these experiences to mentor and guide CEOs and entrepreneurs to build valuable businesses, a role I have been doing for the past few years at Jagran and the other companies I am associated with. I have been reflecting recently, especially in this period of crisis, that it is the job of each one of us who has the ability and the resources to drive change, to worry about the economic situation around us and do everything in our power to create positive impact. This phase of my journey is about creating and funding businesses which work towards generating employment where it is needed, and at scale, a sorely needed initiative given the significant number of people who have been rendered jobless in the past year,” said Purohit.

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