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TV9 Bangla rolls out election coverage programme ‘Bongo Juddho’ in Bengal

With the tagline ‘Sobar Sera Voter Khobor, Dinbhor’, it is an encyclopaedic coverage of elections with programmes such as Vote Jatra, Banglar Vote, Oligolite TV9 Bangla, Baaper Naam Khogen

TV9 Bangla has rolled out a comprehensive programme titled “Bongo Juddho” for the West Bengal state assembly elections.

Positioned as “Sobar Sera Voter Khobor, Dinbhor”, meaning ‘the best election news coverage, 24x7,’ Bongo Juddho, an exclusive programme of TV9 Bangla, brings 360-degree coverage of the elections for a duration of 12 weeks.

Debate shows, talk shows, special interviews, on-ground discussions have been lined up to feature non-stop and one-stop information for a comprehensive coverage of elections.

Banglar Vote showcases the Bengal election as a democratic carnival by taking the viewers through a trip down memory lane since 1937. The show talks about history, culture and media of Bengal’s election from India’s independence to the upcoming election by using archival pictures, articles, and anecdotes from Bengal’s civil society.

Vote Jatra captures the spirit of the public, their demands and cries, their protests and fears, their excitements, and eccentricities from each districts of Bengal.

Data Mashai presents in-depth data analysis and statistics based on the previous polls, socio-cultural demographics, strategic positioning and insights behind candidate selection or how the political parties are adopting promotional strategies through graphical representations.

Unwind the mystery behind the election agenda exclusively on TV9 Bangla for Data Mashai every Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 10pm. 

Oligolite TV9 Bangla discusses topics on civic issues with relevance to the development of localities and the takeaways of the people or grievances addressed by them directly to the reporters or correspondents, hosting the programme from the streets of Bengal.

Catch the views of the public on Oligolite exclusively on TV9Bangla, every weekend, from 4 pm.


Special interviews (one-on-one interactions) highlight the thoughts, plans and perspectives of the heavyweight politicians or leaders from different political parties or parties they support. Some glimpses of the interactions on Vote Kotha.

Baper Naam Khogen portrays a political satire that involves the issues or influences impacting the life of a common man. To beat the blues of the election drive and taste the flavour of this democratic festival, watch Baper Naam Khogen daylong exclusively on TV9 Bangla.

Some of the other news programmes are Keu Kotha Rakhe Ni (special stories), Awkotha Kukotha (campaign trail with important leaders), Face-off (one politician v/s another), Chena Neta Awchena Kotha (unknown stories of known leaders), Pothe Prochare (campaign trail with important leaders).

Bongo Juddho is an encyclopaedia of elections and is gaining immense popularity among the viewers across the state.

Stay tuned for daylong live election updates, only on TV9 Bangla.

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