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Parle Agro to spend more than Rs 240 crore on marketing as part of its summer growth strategy

The company has not only increased its investments on IPL but is also planning to spend big on digital, print and outdoor. The brand aims to achieve their target of being a Rs 10,000-crore company by 2022

Parle Agro is spending more than Rs 240 crore on marketing this summer to increase visibility of the company's product line. 

The company will spend big on the Indian Premier League (IPL) along with running full-fledged campaigns on other mediums.

"We have already made substantial investments (of Rs 240 crore) for the summer months as part of our summer growth strategy. With our goal to further increase market share and create higher visibility for our brands, we are looking to invest further this year," a company spokesperson said. 

The company will also keep spending on print as it has achieved favourable results. However, it believes that it is getting maximum reach through TV and digital.

"We have managed to tap into the huge youth segment effectively through the digital medium. Outdoor campaigns are another effective medium as they serve the first impression concept and also help in brand recall. Our aim is to reach as many consumers across the country effectively," the spokesperson said. 

One of its key strategies this year is to be present on high-consumption platforms such as IPL. Frooti is the on-air TV sponsor on Star Sports Network, while in the digital space, B-Fizz will be the associate sponsor for IPL on Disney+ Hotstar.

The two platforms are likely to drive a visibility of over 500 million people for the company. 

 “Our aim is to have as much visibility for our brand across relevant platforms. From spot buyers in our initial engagement with IPL, to being associate sponsors on-air and on digital, we have come a long way. Being an impactful and entertaining property enjoyed by almost all members of the family, IPL is the ideal platform for the summer months. The matches begin at 7:30 pm, when most people are back home or done with work. This gives us brand advantage being present through IPL on either television or online via Hotstar,” the spokesperson said.

The company has also achieved its pre-Covid levels sales. “Based on our learnings from the lockdown last year, we are today better equipped to act and adapt our strategies to cater to the market effectively in the face of another similar challenge," the spokesperson said. 

Parle Agro aims to boost growth and expansion and achieve their target of being a Rs 10,000-crore company by 2022.

For 2021, its target is to reach 50% growth over 2019 across all its brands.

 Ad campaign launched 

With Frooti TVC, Parle Agro aims to immerse audiences into a colourful, illusory and fun-filled world of #LiveTheFrootiLife and has released two national films featuring Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan and two films for south featuring Alia Bhatt and Allu Arjun.

The Frooti TVC with Alia Bhatt:

For Fizz brands Appy Fizz and B-Fizz, the film features national brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra and the same will be leveraged in the south with Jr. NTR, the brand ambassador for South India. With the success of B-Fizz, which was introduced in the midst of the pandemic, Parle Agro aims to double their market share in the CSD (carbonated soft drink) category, along with Appy Fizz.

The Fizz TVC with Priyanka Chopra Jonas:

Speaking on launching two different brand films together, the spokesperson said, “The Frooti and Fizz portfolios operate in totally different categories. Each beverage line operates in a different category, catering to different consumers and different consumption needs. Appy Fizz has made a successful mark in the fizz-drink category. It is the first brand in the history of fizzy soft drinks that has made a huge dent in the overall carbonated soft drinks category; and this dent is only growing.”

 According to industry standards, the two big categories in the beverage industry are CSD and FFSD (fruit-flavoured still drink). And both the campaigns, with combined spends of Rs 240 crore, are targeted to gain maximum market share across both categories. For Frooti, its aim is to be number one from the current second position. With Fizz, while it currently dominates the Fruit plus Fizz portfolio with over 90% market share, its goal is to gain a larger share in the overall non-alcoholic beverage category.

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