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How Dolby carried out a successful co-marketing campaign with a single film

The Dolby Everywhere campaign was leveraged by LG, Lenovo, Netflix, PVR Cinema and Hungama Music

Dolby Laboratories had recently launched a campaign called Dolby Everywhere, which aimed at educating audiences about the Dolby difference in different spaces such as at work, in cinemas or on the go. The campaign was leveraged by different brands such as LG, Lenovo, Netflix, PVR Cinema and Hungama Music in a co-marketing effort.

Sameer Seth

Speaking about the partnerships, Sameer Seth, Director, Marketing, India, Dolby Laboratories, said, “We bring innovations to people through collaborative partnerships that span artists, businesses and consumers worldwide. We co-create value with our partners for the end consumer. A case in point is the ongoing campaign, Dolby Everywhere. The campaign aims to create awareness about lifelike experiences in Dolby, by connecting with consumers through their passion points such as TV, movies, sports and music – which are best experienced on our partner-enabled devices and services with Dolby technology.”

“Another aspect in the execution of a successful co-marketing campaign is collaboration around a common goal. In the Dolby Everywhere campaign, all the partner brands had a common goal: educating consumers about the Dolby difference while consuming content they love. With all partner brands aligned on this common goal, the execution and amplification became seamless,” he added.

The campaign had a wider reach and received a great response from audiences, as each partner brand leveraged ‘cutdown’ versions of films on their social media channels, thereby amplifying the message and maximising the impact.

One single film has been cut down and used by different brands in different settings to highlight how events are enjoyed on partner-enabled products and devices with Dolby’s technology. The films use different instances like a consumer enjoying his favourite Netflix show on his smartphone while on the go.

Another shows a family coming together to watch their favourite sport in Dolby on their LG OLED TV. One cutdown also depicts a scenario where the protagonist is seen enjoying his favourite movie at PVR Cinemas in Dolby Atmos.

The Films

Dolby X Netflix:

Dolby X LG:

Dolby X Lenovo:

Dolby X PVR Cinemas:

Dolby X Hungama Music:

Hero Film (long edit):

“At Dolby, we are always passionate and committed to engaging with our users, partners and stakeholders. We have on myriad occasions launched and executed unique consumer-centric campaigns in India in the recent past. The Dolby Everywhere campaign takes this a step further as we were able to leverage a single film creatively in multiple ways with multiple partner brands,” said Seth.

Seth spoke about the scope of co-marketing campaigns and said it is a great way to co-create value. “Likeminded partner brands with a common goal can use this tool for effective storytelling and can build value around a shared product or a service. Doing this only builds trust among the audience and can benefit all involved partner brands. Co-marketing campaigns allow brands to broaden their audience sets, cross-leverage audiences, increase brand awareness and tap multiple channels at once.”

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