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MIB advises TV channels against telecasting content that encourages blind belief and superstition

The ministry in its advisory has advised channels to adhere to the programming and advertising rules

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has issued an advisory, asking all private television channels to desist from telecasting content that promotes and encourages superstition or blind belief.

“It has come to the notice of this ministry that some of the TV channels telecast programmes/ advertisements, which encourage superstition and blind belief. Miraculous solutions of all problems are offered by the self-proclaimed preachers in TV programmes/advertisements, which is a violation of Rule 6(1Xi) of the programme code and Rule 7(5) of the Advertising code contained in the cable Television Networks Rules, 1994. Advisories in this regard have been issued by this ministry in the past on 13.05.2010 and 07.06.2013,” it said.

The ministry referred to Rule 6(1) (j) of the Programme Code and Rule 7(5) of the Advertising Code of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994, and advised all channels to adhere to the rules.

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