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Colors Gujarati launches new show ‘Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu’

Starring Vaishakhi Shah and Pinky Parikh, the show premieres on November 15, Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm

Colors Gujarati has announced the launch of the show “Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu”, which will premiere on the channel from November 15, Monday- Saturday 8.30 pm onwards. The show is produced by Devaswwa Production.

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The show is an unusual love story where the role of granddaughter-in-law takes precedence over that of a wife. One of the most important events in every girl's life is marriage post which her life changes. After marriage, she has a lot of responsibilities towards her new family. The story is of one such girl Swara who comes from a gemology background and gets married to a family of jewellers. Tracing the journey of Swara and her grandmother in law is “Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu”.

Swara is married into the erstwhile Zaveri family, the most renowned jewellers in Gujarat. Swara, a woman of contemporary thoughts is keen to make her career in gemmology and believes that men and women are equals. Moti Baa, the matriarch of the Zaveri family, is looked up to as well as feared by the members of the family. Moti Baa is a stickler for discipline and believes in women essaying their roles in the kitchen and home. Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu explores Swara’s relationship with Moti Baa and her efforts to win the hearts of members of the Zaveri family.


Darshil Bhatt, Programming Head, Colors Gujarati, said, “After the success of Maru Mann Mohi Gayu we are coming up with a new and never explored plot through our new show Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu. Continuing with our promise to deliver a variety of content, Colors Gujarati brings this unique show which focuses on Swara and her grandmother-in-law’s journey and most importantly her acceptance as the ideal granddaughter-in-law of the Zaveri family.”

An adaptation of Colors Marathi’s Ghadge and Suun the story revolves around the Zaveri family which has a patriarchal culture and believes that women are best suited in the kitchen and should not go out for work. But Swara, a modern self-reliant girl has a completely different faith and wants to pursue a career in gemology. She gets married to Mann Zaveri, the grandson of Kundan Zaveri (Moti Baa), who is stuck in a very traditional family. He loves someone else but cannot marry as his family wants him to get married to Swara. But both of them still get married and become very close friends knowing completely well about each other’s dreams.


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