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RSH Global to bring back BTL and on-ground engagements in its marketing mix

Poulomi Roy, CMO, RSH Global, says the brand will be back to its pre-Covid levels of marketing budget with significant focus on digital. The brand also plans to cross Rs 600-crore turnover by 2023 with strong focus on West Bengal and Maharashtra

Poulomi Roy

Personal and beauty care brand RSH Global plans to bring back BTL activities and on-ground engagements, and go back to its pre-Covid marketing budgets, which it had cut down last year due to the pandemic.

In an interaction with BestMediaInfo.com, Poulomi Roy, CMO, RSH Global, said, “Marketing and advertising spend will increase with a significant focus on digital. There will be a constant debate on every table to understand if there has been a significant affiliation towards hygiene in the consumer’s mind or if we are back to normal.”

Its agency partners are sharing insights on how they see the industry landscape panning out and are waiting to get back with budgets and strategies so that they stay focused on developing certain markets along with all HSM markets.

Due to the pandemic, the process of ramping up West Bengal as one of the top contributing states was delayed.

But the brand kept its efforts going and wants to scale up its marketing endeavours in coming years, she said. “Our first milestone is to cross the Rs 600-crore mark by 2023 and develop markets such as West Bengal and Maharashtra as some of our strong markets.”

She predicts that brands and categories in personal care will contemplate whether or not to highlight the health and hygiene factor in their product offerings and communications this year.

She advised marketers to keep on observing how consumer behaviour is evolving due to the deeper penetration of digital media, cheap smartphones and affordable internet packages.


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