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NDC aims to position itself as go-to digital publisher for innovative, thought-provoking content on natural diamonds

Richa Singh, Managing Director, India, Natural Diamond Council, explains how digital channels can be leveraged to create brand recall and desirability for natural diamond jewellery this year

Richa Singh

Diamond industry body NDC (formerly Diamond Producers Association) will continue to invest in advertising globally this year. It will also aim to become a go-to digital publisher for innovative and thought-provoking content on natural diamonds under pillars such as history, heritage, sustainability, love and pop culture, said Richa Singh, Managing Director, India, Natural Diamond Council (NDC).

“The ad expenditure level will not move this year but the focus has already and will shift to a new media marketing mix, as we make our way through the new normal,” she said.

Consumers today are spending a lot of time on digital mediums and are shopping online, making the trade community to adapt to the new reality. Consumer discovery has moved online and so the buyer wants the digital brand experience to be stronger, she said.

“The digital medium is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal today. We must embrace the medium to stay connected with consumers. Digital channels can be leveraged to create brand recall and desirability for natural diamond jewellery. It is the first medium of discovery of both your brand and product. Using beautiful imagery effectively, sharing information and knowledge and improving the experience of purchasing diamonds will go a long way in creating desirability for natural diamond jewellery,” she said.

The association repositioned itself as the Natural Diamond Council in June 2020 and introduced its first-ever celebrity-led campaign ‘for moments like no other’. Its consumer-facing platform has been revamped under the brand name Only Natural Diamonds (OND), a definitive digital destination for natural diamonds.

The campaign:

“Our endeavour is to become a definitive digital destination for natural diamonds,” she said.

The body utilised the time of the pandemic to strengthen its relationship with its partners in the industry to collaborate and together emerge stronger when the situation normalises. It has also built a digital knowledge platform that will benefit the trade and focus on skill-building.

NDC aims to inspire, educate and protect consumers by being an insightful authority on the world of natural diamonds.

Discussing the evolving consumer trends, Singh explained how consumers today are looking at buying fewer but better things that last forever. They want things that hold meaning and are not quick buy-and-throw stuff. The needs, wants and ways of making a purchase decision are changing drastically.

Stressing that marketers should keep a constant track of these trends, she said focussing on consumers is critical to increase demand in the sector and this is a priority for them as well.

“Ways of doing business are going to change as consumer behaviour changes. Being open to technological advances, using digital channels to connect with consumers and adapting to new consumer demands is essential to stay relevant. Upskilling is vital to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Constant reading, increasing knowledge and e-learning are going to enable the trade to keep abreast of the changes as the world changes quicker than ever. There is a need to be flexible and innovative and brands need to convey the do-good aspect of the industry to build trust among consumers,” she said.

Consumers’ appreciation for the nature is growing and young buyers are looking for brands that are embracing naturality, sustainability and purposefulness, the same values that drive the natural diamond industry.

Apart from this, with diversity and inclusion high on the agenda, Singh said that diamond jewellery, which celebrates every type of connection, life milestones or new forms of personal expression, is likely to find an eager market.

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