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HT Smartcast and SPYM use art of storytelling to cheer up kids

The NGO started using the podcast ‘Tenali Ke Rang, Junior Ke Sang’ as an alternative during the pandemic-inflicted lockdown. The podcast is presented by Amogh Ghildiyal, who knows how to lift the mood and keep the kids hooked

Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM), an NGO, has used HT Smartcast’s production ‘Tenali Ke Rang, Junior Ke Sang’ for its storytelling sessions amid these challenging times for children in need of care and protection.

SPYM primarily works with children in substance use and provides rehabilitation at three flagship centres for three different population groups.

The NGO started using the podcast Tenali Ke Rang, Junior Ke Sang as an alternative during the pandemic-inflicted lockdown.

The podcast is presented by little genius Amogh Ghildiyal, who knows how to lift the mood, keep the kids hooked, and make the stories look joyous and enjoyable.

Ghildiyal, Podcast Host, Tenali Ke Rang Junior Ke Sang, said, “I’m so happy that my podcast is being used by an NGO for a good cause. I’ll be more than glad if there is anything else I get to do to help the children in need of love and care.”

Rajesh Kumar, Executive Director, SPYM, said, “We were looking for a podcast to engage and interact with children and upon a recommendation, we decided to use HT Smartcast’s podcast. The children at the centre have gained a liking for the podcast, especially because it’s presented by a child and engages them.”

The children are encouraged to draw scenes from the story and imagine as they listen to the stories. They learn a lot from Tenali and look up to him as a role model for the intelligent, smart, witty and determined personality he is.

Deepti Ahuja, Podcast Producer, HT Smartcast, said, “Tenali Ke Rang Junior Ke Sang began as this fun experiment of launching a unique product in the market. The end goal was to gain insight into the future generation of podcast listeners in India. Finding out that this podcast is being used as a part of drug de-addiction therapy for children was definitely a cherry on top. It validated our work on a much deeper, more humane level. Our gratitude, honestly, can't be expressed in words.”

HT Smartcast is a podcast producing platform with a catalogue of podcasts across HT Media’s businesses such as Mint, Hindustan Times, Live Hindustan, Fever FM, Radio Nasha, Radio One and Health Shots. 

Their podcasts cover a variety of genres like politics, news, entertainment, mythology, lifestyle, etc.

Click here to have a glimpse of the storytelling sessions at SPYM with HT Smartcast.

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